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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Remember This: Fresh Page Ideas To Scrapbook the Year Book Review

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Remember This: Fresh Page Ideas To Scrapbook the Year Book Review

About the Book: Scrapbook all year long! It’s not hard to remember life’s big events, like your son’s birthday or your annual trip to the beach. But finding fresh ways to scrapbook these events, to commemorate them in a way that means as much as the event itself—that can be tricky!

With 120 fresh layout ideas, Remember This will inspire you to scrap a variety of creative layouts during every season of the year. With pages featuring multiple photos, numerous styles and a variety of events and activities, there’s something for every scrapbooker.

Brighten your memories of each season with:
-Layouts expressly designed for holidays, seasonal activities and special occasions
-10 fully illustrated techniques—try a new technique to add some sparkle
-15 multi-photo layout sketches—capture the moment from every angle
-Checklists for keeping track of seasonal events—don’t miss the first bloom of spring
-A calendar template to plan a month’s worth of scrapping—create the time to scrapbook those seasonal memories.

Whether you’re a seasoned scrapper or new to the craft, Remember This gives you everything you need to keep scrapbooking all year long.

Our Take: Scrapbooking has overtaken as one of the most popular hobbies these days.  I won't lie, at first it annoyed me.  It was just one of those fads that I didn't "get".  At the same time, I'm very sentimental, so I was looking for some way to preserve certain memories with my kids and guess what?  Yeah, thats right.  Scrapbooking is the best option that I found.

The Remember This book offers 120 new layout ideas for your scrapbooking.  120!  Its full of great tips and very creative ideas, and I've found that really important, because you can get in a rut very quickly and you really look for some variety in your scrapbooking!  This new book is a fantastic tool and definately something I would recommend.

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