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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Product Spotlight: Batman Fabric Posters!

Product Spotlight: Batman Fabric Posters

We feature a lot of merchandise here on Legions of Gotham.  Honestly, sometimes it starts to all blend together.  We don't get a ton of new stuff until a movie is released or a new cartoon premieres.  I came across these in Krypton Comics, our local comic shop in town, and I had to check 'em out!  We partnered with LPGI to give the fans a heads-up on their cool new product, Batman Fabric Posters.

At first, I thought they were flags..but the term fabric posters definately is a better description.  What I love about these is the retro Super Powers era graphics that they have used.  You get anything from a blue and gray Batman to the standard Bat-Symbol with a black backround.  I've hung these up with the ol' collection and they look fantastic.  I like the more than standard posters, because they don't tear or wrinkle and they definately add a unique look!  I highly recommend these..they retail from anywhere between $10-$20, depending on what deal you can find.

The Batman fabric posters can be found on various websites, but the best price looks to be on  You can visit the official LPGI website to see their full selection of fabric posters!