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Thursday, July 15, 2010

ER: The Complete Thirteenth Season DVD Review

E.R.: The Complete Thirteenth Season DVD Review

Synopsis: ER continues to find ways to captivate its audience, as more than 11 million viewers turned in for Season 13. This season, Dr. Tony Gates (John Stamos) returns to the ER, now as an intern, with a straightforward attitude and a complicated personal life. He is Dr. Gallant?s opposite: brash, cocksure, with a bad-boy past, and maybe the right prescription for Neela?s (Parminder Nagra) broken heart. Further shaking up the ER, Weaver (Laura Innes) decides to leave County General for a career move you wouldn?t expect. And the profound dramas of the outside world continue to make their way to the ER, including a hostile patient whose real condition is a secret even to himself, homeless children who escape to a magic world of their own making, and a Christmas miracle. Then again, miracles happen every day at County General.

Review: Another fantastic season of ER!  My wife made me watch ER every Thursday on NBC.   When I say that she made me I mean to say that...well, she made me.  I've never been much on the medical drama, but this one really started to grow on me.  This was my issue with the out some money and keep a cast member for more than three seasons.  After awhile it just got crazy, because to watch a show I have to be invested in the characters..its not the ER itself that I care about, so why keep switching it up on me?!  That being said, ER was a phenominal show.

Season 13 of ER was no exception to the tone of absolute drama!  The show cast has now been changed-up quite a bit and season 13 sees the pernament addition of John Stamos to the cast as Tony Gates.   Weaver has fallen from grace and we see the aftermath of the kidnapping of nurse Sam's kid Alex.  Unfortunately, this season gives us a new actor for Alex, which is kinda distracting, but nevertheless.   Its another great season, full of wonderful situations, like the one where Forest Whitaker plays a patient suing Luka for malpractice!  

This show is a must-own and a great addition to your DVD library!


Interest Range: TV Shows, Drama, Medical Drama