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Friday, July 16, 2010

Brewster McCloud DVD Review

Brewster McCloud DVD Review

Synopsis: Brewster McCloud (Bud Cort) lives deep within the cavernous underground of the Houston Astrodome, but his dreams rise much higher. He aims to fly. Not in a plane. But with strapped-on wings he’s designing – encouraged by a mysterious woman (Sally Kellerman) who may be his guardian angel. But Brewster McCloud, Robert Altman’s wild, anarchic cult fave, isn’t about dreams as much as it is about the highs and lows of humanity. It’s a serial-killer mystery. A frenetic car-chase flick. A crazy circus-finale comedy. Shelley Duvall debuts as the tour guide whose seduction of Brewster may lead to his undoing. Ah, love. The thing that at once shapes and unravels us. The thing that may or may not give us wings.

Review: I had never seen or heard of Brewster McCloud prior to getting this DVD in the mail.  I popped it in expecting some typical 1970s flick and what I got was one of the craziest and most entertaining films that I've seen in some time.  The best way that I can describe this movie is gonzo filmmaking.

Robert Altman, the director of the original MASH film, helms this piece that really can't be described.  I can't even go into giving you more detail than the synopsis, because I just want you to see this one for yourself.  I promise that you're in for a treat.  You can get this one exclusively through the Warner Archive.

Interest Range: Vintage film, Bizarre film