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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bash The Rich Book Review

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Bash The Rich Book Review 

About the Book: In 1984, The People branded Ian Bone 'the most dangerous man in Britain'. They weren't far wrong. From the inner city riots of 1981 to the miners' strike and beyond, the butler's son and founder of Class War was indeed a greater thorn in Margaret Thatcher's side than the useless blatherings of the Official Opposition. Class War were the real opposition! It was Ian Bone who linked the inner city rioters of Brixton and Handsworth with the striking miners. It was Bone who The People spotted rioting with miners in Mansfield, attacking laboratories with the Animal Liberation Front, and who was fingered by the Guardian as the man behind the 1985 Brixton Riot. But that was only the half of it... from 1965 to 1985, from Swansea to Cardiff and London the mayhem spread countrywide. In Bash The Rich Ian Bone tells it like it was. From The Angry Brigade to The Free Wales Army, from the 1967 Summer of Love to 1977 anarcho-punk, from Grosvenor Square to the Battle of the Beanfield, from the Stop the City riots to Bashing the Rich at the Henley Regatta, Ian Bone breaks his silence. In the 1980s, Ian Bone was 'The Anarchist In The UK' with a half brick in one hand and an incendiary pen in the other. Better yet though, this is more than just a litany of riots and rucks, however exciting. Its a thoughtful examination of class, and struggle, and social change. And a wonderful, vital piece of social and political history.

Our Take: This book, 'Bash the Rich', is a rare and valuable look into the history and life of one of the most prominant Anarchists of the 20th century, Ian Bone!  Bone has been a very active Anarchist and writer for decades and his influence is intensely felt.  This book gives us a look at his childhood and beginnings as an Anarchist and writer.

Whether you agree with Anarchy or not, this book is a fascinating read.  I dare say that not everyoen that read a book about Lenin is a Communist or Hitler a Nazi.  Thats not to compare Ian Bone to either of these figures, but he is a fantastic and enigmatic public figure that certainly deserves examination, and we get it from his own pen!   This book is a must-read for anyone interested in politics, world history and current events.  This one is a very enjoyable read.

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