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Monday, June 28, 2010

Tom & Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection DVD Review

Tom & Jerry Deluxe Anniversary Collection DVD Review

Synopsis: Celebrate the most enduring team in animation history with a collection fans will want to chase and catch! Stars of their own theatrical shorts, movies and TV series, Tom and Jerry make the pursuit of pursuit eternal fun. This 2-Disc, 30-Short Collection samples many of their best (including 7 Academy Award winners) over the years, put through their paces and evolving their look and personalities through the talents of great directors (William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble). Whatever the medium, their encounters are always fast, frisky and delightful.

Review: Tom and Jerry is without a doubt one of the best shows that has ever existed.  It began as theatrical shorts and has been aired, re-aired and re-imagined countless times, because its a formula that just works.

This new anniversary collection DVD set includes 30 of the animated shorts.  They are in no particular order, but are rather a collection of some of their 'greatest hits'.   This is classic Tom and Jerry doing what they do best.

A lot of the shorts in this collection are included in the previously released Chuck Jones Collection and the Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collections, so serious collectors may want to avoid the set, but casual fans and parents will definately want to pick this one up!  Its a fantastic sampling of what is out there.

Interest Range: Tom & Jerry, Cartoons, Classic Cartoons