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Monday, June 14, 2010

TCM Spotlight: Charlie Chan Collection DVD Review

TCM Spotlight: Charlie Chan Collection DVD Review 

Synopsis: On June 8, 2010, the legendary master of crime is back!  Four of Charlie Chan’s beloved hits move into the spotlight as Charlie Chan Mysteries makes its remastered debut as part of the established TCM Spotlight series.  Presented by Warner Home Video (WHV), the set will include four films specifically selected to showcase an unforgettable cast of characters: Dark Alibi, Dangerous Money, The Trap and The Chinese Ring.

The most popular American films in 1930s China, the Chan movies were based on a fictional Chinese-American detective originally created by Earl Derr Biggers in 1923.  More than four dozen films featuring Charlie Chan have been made since 1926.  In 1931, the Fox Film Corporation cast Swedish actor Warner Oland as Chan in Charlie Chan Carries On; the film was a success, and Fox went on to produce 15 more Chan films with Oland in the title role.

Following Oland's death, Scottish American actor Sidney Toler was cast as Chan; Toler made 22 Chan films, first for Fox and then for Monogram Studios.  After Toler's death, six more films were made, starring Roland Winters.  The character has also been featured in several radio programs, two television shows and a number of comics.

Review: The Turner Classic Movies (TCM) spotlight on Charlie Chan DVD collection features four of Chan's best films.  We're talking about Dark Alibi, Dangerous Money, The Trap and The Chinese Ring.    What is so special about this set?  If you're asking yourself that, then you're clearly not a huge Charlie Chan fan!  This is the very first time that these films are seeing the light of day on DVD!

Warner Bros. has had a huge push through WB and the Warner Archive series in getting old tv and film to DVD that has otherwise been lost.  This set is the newest addition to that mentality.  These are four classic and enjoyable films.  The Charlie Chan mysteries are legendary and a great and missed part of movie history.  This set is a must-have!