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Monday, June 21, 2010

Secret Life of the American Teenager Volume 4 DVD Review

Secret Life of the American Teenager Volume 4 DVD Review

Synopsis: In the wake of their breakup, Ben and Amy explore new relationships, though their attraction still lingers. Meanwhile, Ashley tests her parent’s limits, and Anne wants to remarry George on their next anniversary, but will he be able to wait that long? Relive every moment of televison’s celebrated drama – uninterrupted, plus enjoy fascinating bonus features, with The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Volume Four.

Review: ABC Family has a great line-up these days.  One of the most acclaimed shows on the network currently is the Secret Life of the American Teenager.   The show gained huge momentum with season one when they dealt with the hot-button issue of teen pregnancy.  One of the show's key characters got pregnant and decided to keep the child.  Ever since we've been witnessing the dramatic affect that this has had on her world and how it has changed her relationships in life.

This fourth volume of the Secret Life of the American Teenager features the second half of season two with 12 episodes on three DVDs.  This show is as juicy as ever and with the third season of Secret Life airing right now, this DVD will help get you caught up on anything you might have missed from the show!

Interest Range: Teenage Life, Drama