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Monday, June 21, 2010

Review: Lord of the Rings Bobbleheads by Funko!

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Oh, yeah!  Its time for some NEW Lord of the Rings merchandise.  I've really been itching for some product for the past few years, and thankfully one of my favorite companies picked up the license.....Funko!  Funko makes some cool plush, bobbleheads, computer sitters etc.  

Our friends at Funko were kind enough to send over a sample set of these new bobbles for us to check-out.  All I can say is wow!  I will say honestly that I am pre-disposed to be really excited and happy about new LOTR merchandise, so these had a leg-up already with me, but the quality on the sculpts is really nice.  The character variation is nice, I didn't think I'd get Sauron right away, I figured I had tons of hobbits and elves to sift through first. 

You can see clearly from the pics that the sculpts and paint applications are fantastic.  Now, if Funko would only give us some great plush and perhaps a bobblehead wave two with ringwraith, Orc, Ent, Gandalf the Grey and Gimli!

You can find these for purchase online with our friends at Urban Collector