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Friday, June 11, 2010

Monty Python: Not the Messiah Blu-Ray Review

Monty Python: Not the Messiah Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: A one-night only live stage show/musical based on the motion picture Monty Python's Life of Brian, and written by Eric Idle & John Du Prez (the creators of Spamalot). The show was performed at the Royal Albert Hall and was filmed in HD.

Review: Why am I seriously telling you whether or not to buy this release?  This is the legendary Monty Python.  Comedy BEGINS with these boys.  Are you some sort of idiot?  Do you like to laugh?  No?!  Well, then shove off.  Otherwise, if you enjoy laughter and all types of jovial behavior, then you absolutely adore Monty Python and you'll purchase anything those money-grubbers stamp their name on, right?  I know I do!  

This blu-ray is without a doubt GREAT!  It features all of the boys, with the exception of that John Cleese character.  Who knows whats up with him, but everyone else has come together to celebrate 40 years by re-enacting a ton of old bits for us all to enjoy.  These guys are the rock gods of comedy, and by god they still have it.  Its fun to see Terry Gilliam back in comedy, because the feature films that he directs are exceedingly dark, which I love, but you just don't see him in that light anymore!

You need to buy this.  BUY THIS.  Or suffer the consequences of being laughed and generally mocked by all appropriate authorities.