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Monday, June 21, 2010

Jim Henson's Dog City: The Movie DVD Review

Jim Henson's Dog City: The Movie DVD Review

Synopsis: DOG CITY: THE MOVIE is an Emmy® award-winning Jim Henson’s Comedy Classic. Directed by Jim Henson, this parody of the film noir gangster films takes us through the busy but dangerous town of Dog City, teeming with colorful Muppet Dog characters. Rowlf the dog is your guide through the underside of canine life during the 1930s in Dog City. Our hero, Ace, enters the world of bulldog gangsters and terrier molls when he inherits a saloon, “The Doghouse,” from his late Uncle Harry. Unwilling to pay protection money, Ace finds himself the target of Bugsy, a bulldog bully who owns most of Dog City, and also happens to be one of the foremost proponents of senseless violence. Ace also comes nose to nose with a beautiful runaway collie named Colleen. Colleen and Ace team up to take on Bugsy and his thugs in the tumultuous, dog-eat-dog world of Dog City.

Review: We're big fans of quality children's programming here at the Legion.  Its really hard to find these days.  One thing that I really miss in the world is the late, great Jim Henson.  Henson is responsible for everything from the Muppets to Sesame Street, Dark Crystal and Fraggle Rock.  Not even to mention the dozens of lesser-known projects.  One such project has finally made it's way to DVD....Dog City.

One of the most oddball and obscure projects that Henson embarked on, Dog City is a retro mobster feature that was made all with dog puppets!  Yeah.  Its crazy, but it really does work in a strange way.  I'm convinced after watching this that anything Henson touched was magic.  This is a rare treat for fans of Henson and a great chance to show your kids the great kind of children's programming we don't get anymore!

Interest Range: Jim Henson, Kids Movies