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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ice Road Truckers: The Complete Third Season DVD Review

Ice Road Truckers: The Complete Third Season DVD Review

Synopsis: Just when you thought trucking couldn't get more dangerous...ICE ROAD TRUCKERS: THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE brings you to the most treacherous landscape on earth: northern Alaska.

In Prudhoe Bay (250 miles north of the Arctic Circle), a network of ice roads in the tundra crisscross river systems and open ocean to connect America s booming North Slope oil fields to dry land. Every winter, truckers have less than three months to shuttle critical supplies over the ice. The only problem is there's just one way to get to this remote location: 400 miles of ice-covered, mountainous terrain known as the Dalton Highway. The Dalton is the lifeline to Alaska's oil industry. It s also the most dangerous road in North America and has claimed the lives of more than 400 people since it was built just 30 years ago. The next chapter in the hit HISTORY series returns this season with veteran drivers Hugh Rowland and Alex Debogorski, new drivers (including the show's first female trucker) and more heart-stopping adrenaline than ever before.

Review: Ice Road Truckers is a weird show.  What do I mean by weird?  I dunno, I guess that if I worked in television I wouldn't think to myself "oh, maybe we should follow around truck drivers and people will be glued to the tv".  I tell you what, its a good thing I'm not in television.  I had never had the chance to see this show until this blu-ray arrived and I actually dug it!

They basically follow these truckers that go on dangerous treks through icey and mountanous areas.  And why is this interesting?  Think about it.  What would happen if no one crossed through these areas?  It would stop the flow of production to consumer of products and goods all over the country.  Their job is actually very undervalued and unknown.  The unsung heroes of the economy you could call them.  Its a fun show, different and certainly worth watching.

BONUS FEATURE: Additional Footage

DISC 1 (5 episodes, approx 235 min): Deadliest Ice Road / Rookie Run / Canadian Invasion / Blinding Whiteout / Accident Alley

DISC 2 (4 episodes, approx 188 min): Arctic Ice / Wicked Weather / Killer Pass / Turn and Burn

DISC 3 (4 episodes, approx 188 min): Ocean Run / Busted Parts & Breakdowns / Race for the Finish / Arctic Thaw / Bonus 

Interest Range: Reality TV, History Channel, Truck Driving