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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Family Matters: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Family Matters: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Synopsis: “Hi, everybody!” Fans of ’90s sitcoms know those words mean Steve Urkel has come to call, bringing lots of geeky, goofy fun with him. A spinoff of Perfect Strangers, Family Matters began as the at-home adventures of elevator operator Harriette Winslow and her multigenerational family. But midway through the first season, Jaleel White made a one-shot appearance as neighborhood nerd Urkel. With oversized glasses, undersized body, screechy voice and indomitable self-confidence, Urkel proved irresistibly funny, turning White into an overnight sensation and a new star of the show. Join Urkel and the Winslows for the 22-episode debut season of the hit series that proclaims love matters, laughing matters, Family Matters!

Review: Family Matters was one of the biggest shows on the now classic TGIF line-up.   It began as a spin-off of the previously famous show 'Perfect Strangers'.  Harriette was a cast member and we got to see a show all about her life and her family.  The show was alright and it really fit into the mold of the sitcoms back then, like 'Perfect Strangers' and 'Full House'.   It was going to go down as an alright show, until mid-season when Urkel premiered.  

They brought in Urkel as a minor role as the next door neighboor, but to their surprise he became the breakout hit of the show.  We're talking toys, commercials...heck, he even changed the venacular of society with his catch phrases.   The first season of the show is actually pretty enjoyable, because you get a lot of variety in the character development.  In latter seasons the focus is really on just Carl and Urkel.  This is the first of many DVD releases to come, so definately check this one out if you were into this show.

Interest Range: TGIF, Steve Urkel, Classic TV