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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Guy Volume 8 DVD Review

Family Guy Volume 8 DVD Review 

Synopsis: Marijuana! Religion! Evil monkeys! Older women! “Family Guy” Volume 8 tackles all this and more. Don’t miss these 15 hilarious “Family Guy” episodes as the lovable Griffins face each uproarious misadventure with no fears and no shame. Featuring the voice talents of creator Seth MacFarlane and comedic actors Alex Borstein (“MADtv”), Seth Green (“Robot Chicken”), Mila Kunis (“That ‘70s Show”) and Mike Henry (“The Cleveland Show”), nearly every episode in the “Family Guy” Volume 8 DVD collection features uncensored audio so that viewers can experience the Griffin family as they never have before.

Review: Family Guy hasn't always been a break-out success.  It was cancelled years ago and brought back by sheer fan furvor.  That was a ground-breaking move by Fox, and a smart one, because the show remains one of the most popular on television.  If you've never seen Family Guy its a lot like the Simpsons, if the Simpsons were riddled with funny pop culture references, more insults and inappropriate situations.  Its like a potty-humor version.  Thats not meant to impune the comedy of the show, because it's dead-on and it brings the laughs.

This Volume 8 DVD release gives us 15 more episodes of the show on DVD!  Its almost impossible to find something that you can always put in the DVD player and it will always deliver and put you in a good mood.  Family Guy is most definately it!  You'll want to pick this up and own this show for a good long-while!

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