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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dwizzle Dee DVD Review

Dwizzle Dee DVD Review

Synopsis: Dwizzle Dee is an award-winning DVD video series geared to entertain and educate preschool (and younger) aged children. Ms. Ashley is ready to teach fundamentals like colors, sizes and more! Your child will go along with Lenny, Penny & Gifford on fun and stimulating adventures! The use of repetition, imagination, songs and fun problem solving help reinforce these fundamentals. Your child is included and encouraged to participate throughout the show! Lets have some fun! Awards: Dwizzle Dee has been selected as a Dove Family Approved title. Dwizzle Dee has been officially endorsed by Kids First (Coalition For Quality Children's Media). Introduction to the classroom: Not only will your child have fun with Lenny, Penny, Gifford and Ms. Ashley but they will also be introduced to a classroom environment. They will see positive examples of classroom behavior which are reinforced by Ms. Ashley. This can help prepare preschool aged children for the transition into kindergarten. Participation is encouraged: Your child is included and encouraged to participate by helping the characters throughout the show. Extra Features: Fun Sing-a-long songs and a video preview of Frankie Corrigan's children's book "El Gato" Suitable for Ages 1-4

Review: I'm always looking for quality childrens programming as a parent.  My three kids are usually subjugated to watching PBS, because I just cannot tolerate the mindless cartoons like Sponge Bob.   This DVD reminds me a lot of shows like Sesame Street and the Muppets.  Its full of wonderful and entertaining scenarios that help teach kids about colors, sizes, songs and the imagination.    I have to highly recommend this for any kids ages 1-4.  Parents will be pleased and kids will be entertained!

Interest Range: Kids, Preschool, Learning, Educational