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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

David Cross: Bigger and Blackerer DVD Review

David Cross: Bigger and Blackerer DVD Review

Synopsis: Bigger and Blackerer was taped during two shows, back-to-back on the same evening at Boston s Wilbur Theatre. As you may have surmised from the packaging, this title applies to both a CD and a DVD. These are separate releases in separate formats with the same name. Some of the material contained on the Bigger and Blackerer DVD, directed by Lance Bangs, will air as a television special on the cable channel Epix on April 10th. And, yes, there is some overlap between the CD and the DVD, but not a lot. Though both media are housed on a shiny, silver five-inch disc, each is an entity unto itself, full of material that appears solely on one or the other. Only by watching the DVD will you learn of Cross unique relationship with the deaf community, share his canny insights into the editorial machinations behind the Bible, and marvel at how well a bald, middle-aged white guy can fill out a pair of jeans. Yet one must listen to the CD in order to hear about gastro-intestinal misadventures with his dog Ollie Red Sox, or sing along with The Sultan s Revenge, the swinging, Vegas-style opening number composed by Cross and his good friend Mark Rivers (author of the theme to Mr. Show).

Review: I hadn't ever heard the comedy of David Cross, and honestly its my loss.  I knew him by face, I've seen him in movies like Men in Black 2 and Alvin and the Chipmunks, but I never had the opportunity to check out his stand-up.  I'm so glad that I gave this one a shot.  We're always looking for good comedians to follow, as so few hit the mark.  David Cross is spot-on.

The main point of his comedy is how stupid America is.  He explains this through our collective political choices, religious view and social morays.  Cross has a style of comedy that is filled with a personal frustration and anger that really seaps through the cracks and provides an authentic and entertaining special.

This DVD/CD set is highly recommended!

Interest Range: Comedy, Subversive Comedy, David Cross