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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cake Boss: Season 2 DVD Review

Cake Boss: Season 2 DVD Review

Synopsis: Buddy Valastro is one of the most successful and renowned cake artists in the United States. Master baker of Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, Buddy is the cake boss. He supervises a team that includes his mother, four older sisters and three brothers-in-law. And when you're working with family on a daily basis, there is bound to be a lot of drama. The Valastros know drama but at the end of the day they also know love. Cake Boss is the half-hour series that chronicles Buddy's over-arching desire to achieve his late father's dream of making Carlo's Bake Shop a household name with or without the help of his family.

Review: This set is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store.   My wife and I started watching the Cake Boss during season one.  To be honest its not the type of show that I would think I would enjoy, but I was surprised by the entertainment value.  Firstly, the cakes.  I had no idea that such amazing cakes could be made.  Its really fun to see the artists at work creating these decadent masterpieces.    Not only do you get to see a few great cakes made from start to finish, but you get to see the reactions of those that ordered them. 

Another great level to the Cake Boss it the drama inside the shop.  Buddy runs a tight ship, but most of his staff is family, so they bicker a ton.  I mean a ton.  Its rather hilarious.  Buddy is a very likable guy that really is passionate about what he does.  Season two brought us a ton more cakes and some hilarious moments.  I recommend picking up seasons one and two if you haven't already.  Then, you can tune in now for season 3 on TLC.


1. Plants, Pranks, & a Proposal: Buddy has to create a cake inspired by wicked and poisonous plants. A customer wants to propose to his girlfriend at the bakery and asks Buddy to make an engagement ring box cake, and Cousin Anthony is set up...for a fall!

2. Candy, Crash & Crisis: Buddy and company are surrounded by sweet temptation when they're asked to make a cake for Dylan's Candy Bar and the sisters are also feeling tempted to hire an assistant for Buddy after they can no longer handle all the incoming orders.

3. Painters, Pool, & Pink!: Buddy creates a billiards table cake for football player Justin Tuck and gets an opportunity to show off his pool skills. The bakery gets a make-over with unexpected results and Buddy makes a cake for the painters.

4. Robots, Rollerskates, and Relatives: Buddy channels his inner hacker when he's asked to create a moving robot cake. He also has to make a 1970's themed-rollerskate cake and deliver it on skates! Cousin Anthony gets a talkative new companion on a delivery.

5. A Battleship, Ballet, & Burning!: General Buddy and his team of cake soldiers really want to impress their client this week when they create a massive cake for the US Air Force. The guys get their groove on while making a dance-themed cake and the girls get into a catfight.

6. Children, a Cage, and a Challenge: Buddy's got a real loudmouth in the bakery this week but it's not a customer, it's a talking cake! Then, when Buddy is tasked with a cage fighting cake, his teenage nephew is inspired to challenge Frankie to a wrestling match.

7. Pizza, Pooches, & Pop-In-Law: Buddy makes a new four-legged friend named James when he's asked to create a cake for a local animal shelter. And he might be in the doghouse when he challenges his father-in-law to a pizza-making contest after making him a pizza-themed cake.

8. Golf Greens & Gravity: Buddy and company feel lost in space when they have to create an over-the-top cake for a local planetarium. But the week isn't all tough stuff when the boys go golfing to get inspiration for a golf tournament cake.

9. Freaks, Fast Food, & Frightened Frankie: The bakery heavyweights are challenged to an eating contest after they create a buffet-style cake for Major League Eating. Then one of Frankie's biggest fears is exposed while making a cake for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow.

10. Motorcycles, Manhattanites, & Misbehaving: Buddy channels his inner bad boy and upsets Mama with his motorcycle fever when he's asked to make a cake for the Long Island Hells Angels. On the opposite spectrum, he also has to make a Tea Party-themed cake for a group of Upper East Side socialites.

11. Colorful Characters & Christmas Costumes: It's a drag at the bakery this week when Buddy and Co. have to make a holiday-themed cake for drag queen Miss Richfield 1981. Cousin Anthony and Stretch beg Buddy to let them deliver a cake to a party full of women but Buddy has a trick up his sleeve.

12. Blushing Brides & Busy Bakers: Carlo's has a record week when they have to make fifty wedding cakes in seven days! Buddy's number one priority is wowing his cousin and sister-in-law with the grandest wedding cake ever but will Cousin Anthony be able to handle the delivery by himself?

13. Apples, Arguments, & Animal Prints: Buddy is inspired to create a new cake recipe when he is asked to make an apple tree cake for a local orchard. Mary threatens to buy her 40th birthday cake from a rival baker when Buddy doesn't give her the attention she requires.

14. Sizing, Sleeping Stretch, & Sesame Street: Everyone at the bakery couldn't be more thrilled to make a cake for Sesame Street's 40th anniversary but this cake is no walk in the park and problems arise early. Buddy also creates a very special surprise for his favorite Sesame Street character.

15. Chimps, Cinema, & Crumb Cake: The crew channels their inner animal when they're asked to make a cake for the 110th birthday of the Bronx Zoo. They also make a cake for the grand opening of the only movie theater in Hoboken, once the client makes up their mind about the design!

16. Cars, Collapse, & Couture: Buddy and his team get the order of a lifetime when they're asked to make a life-size replica of a race car out of cake for the Retail Bakers Association's annual convention in Charlotte, NC.

17. Aquarium Adventure & An Announcement: A local aquarium orders an underwater themed cake for their birthday this week and Buddy puts his signature on it by adding live fish! Lisa and Remy make a very special announcement to Buddy who can't wait to tell the rest of the family.

18. Castles, Cannolis, & Cartoon Characters: Buddy and Mauro travel to Disney World to make Carlo's famous cannolis for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. The guys also decide to bring down their families for a vacation and make an out-of-this-world cake for Buddy's daughter Sofia's birthday.


Sauce Boss: Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro shows you step by step how to prepare these awesome pasta dishes:
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  2. Mushroom Risotto
  3. Mamas Sunday Sauce
  4. Brocoli Rabe with Sausage
  5. Chicken with Potatoes and Sausage
  6. Pink Sauce
  7. Fra Diavalo

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