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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bipolar Disorder for Dummies Book Review

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Bipolar Disorder for Dummies Book Review

About the Book: Bipolar Disorder affects many more people than just the 2.5 million Americans who suffer from the disease. Like depression and other serious illnesses, bipolar disorder also affects spouses, partners, family members, friends and coworkers. And, according to the Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation, 15% of children diagnosed with ADHD may actually be suffering from early-onset of Bipolar Disorder. 

Bipolar Disorder For Dummies reveals some of the causes and consequences of bipolar disorder, let you in on some crisis survival strategies, and describe ways that friends and family members can support loved ones who have the disease. The book includes an overview of the causes and symptoms of bipolar disorder, explains step-by-step how to obtain an accurate diagnosis, discusses the medications available, and tells what you can and can't do to help someone with the disease. You'll learn:
  • The different categories and potential causes of bipolar disorder
  • How to select the right mental health specialist
  • Managing employment-related issues brought on because of the disorder
  • How bipolar disorder affects children
  • Advocating for yourself or a loved one
  • Planning ahead for manic and depressive episodes
  • Selecting the best medications for you—including alternative "natural" treatments
  • How to survive an immediate crisis situation
  • Identifying triggers and mapping your moods
Complete with fill-in-the-blanks forms and charts, key web site and email addresses, and first-hand accounts from real people, Bipolar Disorder For Dummies gives you the latest information and self-help strategies you and your loved ones need to help everyone affected feel a whole lot better.

Our Take: There are a TON of books out there on bipolar disorder.  Its a very misunderstood illness to say the least.  I have a loved one that experiences the disease and its absolutely life-altering.  Unfortunately, most people don't even have a grip on what it really is or does.  Wiley's "For Dummies" series tackles bipolar disorder and breaks it down into managable and easy categories, so that not only the illness, but many of the treatments and survival techniques, can be easily understood.

This book is great to orient anyone with bipolar disorder or just for light reading on your own.  If you have kids that you need to explain the illness to, then this book would also be invaluable for that.  I highly recommend it.

How to Buy: or the Wiley Publishing website