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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bare Knuckles DVD Review

Bare Knuckles DVD Review

Synopsis: Cocktail waitress and single mother Samantha Rogers (Jeanette Roxborough) will do whatever it takes to provide for her daughter. And her one chance at security comes when down-and-out fight promoter Sonny Cool (Martin Kove, Karate Kid) introduces Sam to the dangerous and illegal world of high-stakes all-female bare knuckle fighting. Shell face the fight of her life when she climbs into the ring where there is no room for weakness and no mercy for the loser. Inspired by a true story, this tale of guts and determination is a guaranteed knockout.

Review: We don't get a lot of action films with a female lead.  This film is all about the world of all-female bare knuckle fighting.  I wasn't too sure what to expect when going into this film, because historically these direct to dvd action features aren't terribly interesting.  This one had some great qualities, though.  It was rather suspenseful at times, when you really just aren't sure whats going to happen to the characters.  The action is fantastic and realisitic and the film is very well made.

Interest Range: Action / Adventure, Boxing, MMA