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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

American Dad: Volume 5 DVD Review

American Dad: Volume 5 DVD Review

Synopsis: God bless “American Dad!” Volume 5 – the hilariously over-the-top adventures of CIA Agent Stan Smith, a red, white and blue-blooded, one-man war on terror, and his delightfully dysfunctional family. Volume 5 celebrates that great American pastime: revenge. Favorite son Steve sets out to ruin Coach Stan’s perfect football season, Roger the alcoholic E.T. takes over the local homeowners association, and Steve’s friend, Toshi, unleashes hotdog havoc all over Langley Falls. Getting even is the American way, so don’t get mad, get “American Dad!”

Review: American Dad is another animated show by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy.  American Dad focuses on a character that is all macho and all-american.  Or, so he thinks.  The show started out pretty good and fizzled for awhile.  It has started to find it's own voice now, though and continues to become funnier and funnier.

The bonus features include deleted scenes and a pretty cool game.  There is one other feature that I really enjoyed, and thats this Bar Mitzvah Hustle function.  Do you remember the old VH1 show Pop-Up Video?  It basically would show a video and constantly pop up bubbles with factoids about the band and the shoot, etc.  This does the same thing for American Dad, its a blast and really adds more dimension to the show.

American Dad Volume 5 offers 13 episodes on 3 discs.  The packaging is very on-target with the previous releases.   Furthermore, you can go and play this cool online game, BBQ Wars, here: .  Enjoy!

Interest Range: American Dad, Animation, Family Guy