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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Valentine's Day Blu-Ray Review

Valentine's Day Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: The starriest cast you may ever see sparkles in a hilarious and heartwarming romcom from the director of Pretty Woman and The Princess Diaries. Stories crisscross, collide and boomerang in this look at a day in the life of love. There's a proposal. Flowers that didn't get sent. A big fat secret that's finally told. The "I'll show up and surprise him" that ended up surprising her. Fights, kisses, wrong turns, right moves and more. Whether new to or through with love, you'll fall in love with this 19-star, funny-side-up celebration of romance.

Review: I think that Gary Marshall is famous for bringing us the typical American film.  The kind where love conquers all, and everything ends as it should.  Thats not how real life works of course, but we're suspending reality, right?   Gary makes amazing films and they are always full of big-name actors.  This one is no exception, sporting everyone from Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner to Eric Dane (McSteamy!) and Bradley Cooper (The Hangover). 

"Love is the only shocking act left on the planet!", spouts Ashton's character to a television crew.  He may be right, sadly.   This movie is charming and romantic to it's core, and does a good job of avoiding being cheesy.  It features a few bad performances, notably by Taylor Laughtner (Twilight) and Taylor Swift.  They're both absolutely horrible "actors" and I have no idea why people pay them money to see them do anything....ever.  Beyond that, everyone does a nice job.  Jessica Alba phones in another performance based on her looks, but the rest of the cast actually was there to work and does a great job of creating a world that is believable and worth caring about.

Valentine's Day is very much an American version of 'Love, Actually'.  Its a great movie to curl up with your loved one on the couch with and enjoy.  It has a few laughs and definately some ackward situations, so its fun to watch.  The blu-ray looks fantastic, and this combo pack gives you the flexibility to maybe watch the film in rooms where you don't have a blu-ray player.  I know that we have one in the living room, but not our bedroom, so its nice to have the option of watching a film wherever we like. 

Rating: Romance, Romantic Comedy, Ensemble Cast Film, Date Night Movie, "Chick Flick"