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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

True Blood: The Complete Second Season Blu-Ray Review

True Blood: The Complete Second Season Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Welcome back to Bon Temps, home to mystery, Southern sensuality and dark secrets. For Sookie Stackhouse, life is more dangerous than ever after she and Bill become more deeply involved. Meanwhile, Tara finds herself under a lover's spell; Sam puts his trust in an unlikely ally; Jason becomes involved with an anti-vampire sect; Eric becomes interested in Sookie after he recruits her to investigate the disappearance of his 2,000-year-old maker; and Maryann is revealed to possess a power that can control almost everyone in town. Then, after making a shocking discovery, Sookie, Bill and Sam must form the last line of defense against a diabolical plan that raises this award-winning series to bloody new heights.

True Blood: The Complete Second Season includes all 12 episodes of this critically acclaimed series from Alan Ball, writer of the Academy Award®-winning Best Picture American Beauty and creator of Six Feet Under. Loaded with special features, this essential 5-disc set is certain to quench the curiosity of True Blood fans everywhere.

Review: Twilight?!  Who needs that crap?  Thats kid's stuff....adults have HBO's True Blood!  If you're a fan of vampires, then this is the show for you.  The mix of violence, sensuality and drama is absolutely riveting.   Originally a book series known as the Southern Vampire Mysteries, True Blood has captured the imaginations of sci-fi and vampire fans everywhere!

Season 2 brings us closer into the world of Sookie Stackhouse and we get a lot of the anti-vampire undertones in the show, which reflect the southern racism experienced in our world.  Its a great paralell and really helps to bring legitimacy to the show.  The characters are out of control and the tension is really beginning to mount in Bon Temps!

The Blu-Ray high-definition transfer looks fantastic.  It really helps the dark scenes in the show, which are frequent, to pop and give definition.   This is a show that is a must-own!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars