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Friday, May 07, 2010

The New DVD Legion Rating System!

DVD Legion is changing our on...

From this point forward we're going to eliminate the 'Star' rating.   You see, when I feature a product here on DVD Legion, its because its good.  If you don't see it here, it probably wasn't that great in our opinions.  We like to focus on the positive, and awhile we will point out issues, mostly you'll see happy thoughts here.  If we hate a movie or the DVD doesn't make the cut.

That being said, why then have a star rating at all?   From this point on we'll have more specific recommendations.  If you see it here we obviously recommend it.  We'll instead feature ratings like this:

Rating: Family film, Comedy, Appropriate laughs

Rating: Action/Violent, Blood and Guts

Rating: Romantic, Comedy, Sickly Sweet

We'll try to hit on a target audience instead.  I hope that this helps provide you readers with more info to help you make good purchase decisions!