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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rough Justice Book Review

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 Rough Justice: The DC Comics Sketches of Alex Ross Book Review

About the Book: Alex Ross opens his private sketchbooks to reveal his astonishing pencil and ink drawings of DC Comics characters, nearly all of them appearing in print here for the first time.

Thousands of fans from around the world have trilled to Alex’s fully rendered photo-realistic painting of their favorite heroes, but as they may not realize, all of those works start as pencil on paper, and the origins of the finished images are rarely seen. Until now.

From deleted scenes and altered panels for the epic Kingdom Come saga to proposals for revamping such classic properties as Batgirl, Captain Marvel, and an imagined son of Batman named Batboy, to unused alternate comic book cover ideas for the monthly Superman and Batman comics of 2008-2009, there is much to surprise and delight anyone who thought they already know all of Alex’s DC Comics work.

Illuminating everything is Alex’s own commentary, written expressly for this book, explaining his though processes and stylistic approaches for the various riffs and reimaginings of characters we thought we knew everything about but whose possibilities we didn’t fully understand.

As a record of a pivotal era in comics history, Rough Justice is a must for Alex’s legion of fans, as well as anyone interested in masterly comic book imagination and illustration.

Our Take: We really dig comic books here at the Legion.  Accordingly, we love Alex Ross.  He's a phenominal and unique artist that has a very realistic style.   He does these beautiful paintings that not only give comics a great dignity, but an emotional depth that is unmatched, even in contemporary artwork. 

Rough Justice is a fantastic hardcover book with a dust jacket.  The cover features an image of Superman, which is half painted and half sketch.  This book is a really fun look inside the artwork of Alex Ross.  Not only the artwork, but the pencil sketches!  We get to see cover and interior art from Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman! 

What is really fun about seeing his artwork, as an artist myself, is to see his technique in shading and pencilling.  To see the finished artwork is daunting, but the pencil sketches make his work accessible, and can even give you some tips, at least to those of us that are good at self-teaching and learning.

Do you love comics?  How about great artwork?  Get this book immediately!  Its a must-have.

How to Buy: or the Pantheon Books Website