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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robin Hood: the Rogue's of Sherwood Forest DVD Review

Robin Hood: the Rogue's of Sherwood Forest DVD Review

Synopsis: John Derek (The Ten Commandments) plays the role of Robin Hood’s son in this action-packed adventure. With England suffering under the rule of the villainous King John (George Macready, Gilda), Robin and his father’s loyal band fight countless battles with the king’s tax collectors and henchmen, who have corrupted the kingdom, oppressed the common folk, and brought false charges of treason and murder against the disenfranchised. When the tyrant has been deposed, Robin finally returns to the lovely Lady Marianne (Diana Lynn, The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek) and just rule is restored. Briskly directed by Gordon Douglas (Harlow, Them!), this is grand fun for the entire family, and film buffs will especially appreciate the final screen appearance by Alan Hale, again playing Little John—as he did opposite both Douglas Fairbanks and Errol Flynn!

Review: This feature film from 1950 is one of four new releases from Sony that we'll be spotlighting this week.  The new Robin Hood film is coming to the big screen and in honor of that we thought we would feature some of these more classic depictions on DVD Legion for you.

This Robin Hood film was shot in 1950 and is full of story and action.  It has the atypical happy ending and delivers exactly what you'd expect.   The film is essentially just battle after battle with the end result in Robin's favor.  Its a good time and a fun film for the family.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars