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Friday, May 07, 2010

Iron Man Week - Iron Man 2: the Junior Novel

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Iron Man Week - Iron Man 2: the Junior Novel Book Review

About the Book: A fast-paced and engaging junior novelization of Iron Man 2, the guaranteed blockbuster coming to theaters May 7, 2010!

Our Take: This junior novel features 140 pages of Iron Man 2 movie adaptation.  My first grader is obsessed with chapter books and this one is a great way for him to relive the experience of the movie! 

The book also features some full-color pictures in the middle.  You could tear these out to hang on the wall or just leave them in the book to enjoy.  Alexander Irvine did a nice job of adapting the film for kids.  That can't be an easy job.

My son gives this one thumbs up, and so do I.

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