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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fringe Star Lance Reddick is a HUGE Bat-Fan!

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 Lance Reddick is definately one of us!  I love Fringe and definately enjoy his work there, so this was very cool to read....Watch the season 2 finale of Fringe tonight on FOX.  I know I will be!

From Geek Chic Daily

Whether he’s Charles Widmore’s right-hand man on Lost, or the imposing Agent Broyles on Fringe, which airs its season finale tonight, you get the feeling you shouldn't mess with Lance Reddick. But when GCD spoke with the actor, he couldn’t have been friendlier (the man can act, no doubt).

Tim Drake
“One character that has become my favorite, particularly in the DC universe is Tim Drake. With the return of Bruce Wayne fast approaching, I’m sure they’ll figure out a way for Bruce Wayne to be Batman for decades to come, but I feel like the way Tim Drake is as close to the next Batman as I have ever seen. I just picked up the first trade of Red Robin and I’m lovin’ it. I just like seeing him independent. He’s the only Robin that’s as smart as Bruce and can be kind of as Machiavellian as Bruce.”

DC Animation
“I’ve got every season of Superman; I’ve got every season of Batman, every season of Batman Beyond and every season of Justice League.”