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Friday, May 07, 2010

Elektra: The Director's Cut Blu-Ray Review

Elektra: The Director's Cut Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Elektra (Garner) is murdered by a ruthless killer but brought back to life by Stick (Stamp), a blind martial arts master. Stick trains Elektra in the martial art of Kimagure, whose practitioners can control the flow of life and death and live to destroy the evil organization called The Hand. After several years of intense training, she becomes a hired assassin. Upon receiving a contract for $2 million to kill Mark Miller (Visnjic) and his daughter Abby (Prout) Elektra must make a choice between good or evil in carrying out her deadly mission.

Review: If you're familiar at all with the fictional world of Marvel comics, then you've heard the name Elektra.  She is a vicious assasin that is a nemesis of the blind hero Daredevil.  She was created by the comic book and now Hollywood legend, Frank Miller (Sin City, 300). 

Jennifer Garner portrayed Elektra in the big-budget Daredevil film, which placed Ben Affleck in the lead role.  After the success of her performance in Daredevil, Marvel decided to create a spin-off film for Elektra.  This movie is basically Elektra going on a mission to assasinate a man and his daughter for the Hand organization.  She does the typical assasin with a heart of gold bit and decides that she can't go through with the mission.  What ensues is crazy action sequences, fights and an odd mix of mysticism.  

The Elektra Director's Cut was already released years ago by Fox on DVD.  This blu-ray is simply and upgrade of that release to high-definition.   The transfer looks pretty decent, the colors don't pop as much as you might like, but its a solid release.  Its a fun movie and certainly is a good addition to any collection.

Rating: Action/Adventure, Comic Book Fans, Marvel Comics Fans, Daredevil Fans