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Friday, May 28, 2010

Batman: The Brave and the Bold McDonald's Happy Meal Toys!

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The fast food toy at the McDonalds locations in Argentina are the Brave and the Bold!  Thanks to Jay Hernandez for the tip!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe coming to iTunes!


The Complete 39 Episode Series is Available Now!

Minneapolis, MN (May 27, 2010) Mill Creek Entertainment, a recognized leader in value entertainment announces the debut of the complete series of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe on iTunesThe original series aired 2002-2004 on the Cartoon Network and is currently available on DVD.  With this newest release, Mill Creek Entertainment continues to bring quality entertainment at low prices to consumers.  The complete 39 episode series is available for $10.99 for each of the three seasons.  Individual episodes are available for $1.99 each.

Below the links to the iTunes store:

About He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a modern update of the 1980s series of the same name. The original series made its television debut in 1983 and ran until 1985, consisting of two seasons of 65 episodes each. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is an animated television series based on Mattel's successful toy line Masters of the Universe. The show, often referred to as simply He-Man, was one of the most popular animated children's shows of the 1980s and has retained a heavy following to this day.
Mattel's re-launched the He-Man toy line, and released an update of the series for a contemporary audience in 2002.  Unlike the previous He-Man series, set on the futuristic planet of Eternia, this version sought to return to the roots of the storyline and provide broader explorations never reached in the first series, including origins for each character, and some first time animated debuts of familiar toyline faces. The series made its premiere on Cartoon Network's Toonami on August 16, 2002.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe®, Season 1
Prince Adam's™ almost care-free life is interrupted when Skeletor™ returns to Eternia™ after being banished by the Masters long ago.  Adam’s father, King Randor, is captured and Man-At-Arms™, Prince Adam's mentor and the King’s trusted solider of the court brings Adam to Castle Grayskull® so his destiny can be fulfilled.  He is granted the Sword of Power and with the aid of his trusted friends and Masters, he vows to end Skeletor's evil that plague Eternia™. The battle is joined as Good and Evil collide in a fight for Eternia's fate!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe®, Season 2 
Prince Adam™, who, having just become Eternia's most powerful guardian He-Man®, has to learn how to handle his new powers, and lead his allies into battle against the evil Skeletor™. With the aid of his own Evil Warrior henchmen, Skeletor™ schemes to blanket Eternia™ in chaos, and rule over the planet in dominion. Only He-Man®, guided and advised by the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull®, stands in his way.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe®, Season 3
The balance of power is disturbed when King Hiss and his Snake Men attempt to conquer Eternia! The Masters of the Universe® find themselves not only struggling with the Snake Men’s villainous threat to awaken the Snake God, Serpos, but also Hordak, Skeletor's evil former master, is seeking to return and rule the planet! Amidst this chaos, He-Man finally learns the history of his power and of his connection to the legendary warrior, King Grayskull.

About Mill Creek Entertainment
Mill Creek Entertainment is a source of value home video entertainment. Helmed by a management team with over eighty years of experience in the consumer home entertainment marketplace, the company produces entertainment products that typically sell in quantity, at impulse price-points, while adhering to high standards of quality unsurpassed in the industry. The Mill Creek product line encompasses many genres, speaks to broad consumer tastes and has found favor with both North American and emerging Latin markets. The company's DVD product line consists of classic movies, television episodes, historical documentaries and feature films.

I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti Book Review

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I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti Book Review

About the Book: From failure to fusilli, this deliciously hilarious read tells the story of Giulia Melucci’s fizzled romances and the mouth-watering recipes she used to seduce her men, smooth over the lumps, and console herself when the relationships flamed out.

From an affectionate alcoholic, to the classic New York City commitment-phobe, to a hipster aged past his sell date, and not one, but two novelists with Peter Pan complexes, Giulia has cooked for them all. She suffers each disappointment with resolute cheer (after a few tears) and a bowl of pastina (recipe included) and has lived to tell the tale so that other women may go out, hopefully with greater success, and if that’s not possible, at least have something good to eat.
Peppered throughout Giulia’s delightful and often poignant remembrances are fond recollections of her mother’s cooking, the recipes she learned from her, and many she invented on her own inspired by the men in her life. Readers will howl at Giulia’s boyfriend-littered past and swoon over her irresistible culinary creations.

Our Take: This is a delightful little memoir that recounts the authors tribulations with love and cooking.   The writing style is very accessible and you almost feel like you're reading something written to you by a close friend.  She cooks something different for every beau and its almost as interesting to hear about the food!  Her passion is overwhelming and the book is very emotional.   Overall, a great read.

How to Buy:

Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder: None Too Fragile Book Review

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Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder: None Too Fragile Book Review

About the Book: This detailed biography tracks the meteoric rise and tumultuous history of this seminal group and its enigmatic leader, Eddie Vedder. Noted rock chronicler Martin Clarke explores Pearl Jam’s reaction to its massive popularity, its triumphs at the MTV and Grammy awards, its notorious rift with Nirvana, its creative rebirth with the acclaimed album No Code, and its recent chart-topping return to form Backspacer. Extraordinary successes are counterpointed with scandals, personnel changes, band tensions, and substance abuse, all punctuated with revealing photographs. In Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder: None Too Fragile, the author brings to life the band’s captivating story: they're traced from their beginnings amidst Seattle’s grunge underground through the excesses and pressures of superstardom, to the their current incarnation as mature rock heavyweights. Fully revised, this edition features previously unpublished facts and stories as well as an updated, comprehensive discography.

Our Take: I've been a fan of Pearl Jam since the grunge era of the early to mid 1990s.  Now, its all a part of music history.  I'm ready at 30 years of age to look back during this era of new music that I just can't get into.  This book on Pearl Jam was really interesting.  It reminds me of the books you'd get at the music shops when I was a kid, like Musicland or Blockbuster Music.  Its got tons of images and information on the formation and rise to fame of one of the most notorious bands of the 1990s.  Vedder is famous, of course, for fighting the good fight against Ticketmaster back in the day over ridiculous ticket costs.  The fans definately appreciated that.   This book is great for any Pearl Jam fan or grunge music fan.  Its a lot of fun.

How to Buy:

Easy Yoga - Any Age - Any Place - Any Time Book Review

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 Easy Yoga - Any Age - Any Place - Any Time Book Review

About the Book: Jude Reignier's Easy Yoga is based on her ten years' teaching experience and will appeal to adults, children, and those with special needs alike. Her postures stimulate and massage the whole system, including internal organs, while gently stretching, firming, and toning the muscles and ligaments. It's easy! 

The easy approach presents clear illustrations and a concise text to demystify popular therapies. Each routine can be understood quickly, so that within minutes you are feeling good and energized.
* Learn the full 45-minute sequence and then adapt it to your busy schedule.
* See at-a-glance reminders of all the sequences inside the jacket.
* Practice your yoga at any time, wherever you go.

Our Take: Easy Yoga is a lifesaver for me.  I was looking to get into Yoga and back into shape after my wife had our third child.  I put on some of that lovely sympathy weight!  Easy Yoga gives you 127 pages of instructions and simple line-art to make sure that you can achieve each pose with ease.  I've looked through a few Yoga books and this one is without a doubt the most hands-on and helpful.

How to Buy:

Why Men Make Bad Pets Book

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Why Men Make Bad Pets Book

About the Book: Why are men so beastly? This wise and witty Keepsake book helps us understand "Why Men Make Bad Pets." Hilarious photos of animals are paired with descriptions of men behaving badly that any woman will appreciate. You know: They string chicks along. They make a mess when you're not home. They have trouble committing. They have delusions of grandeur. And, of course, they never ask for directions. You'll laugh, you'll roar! The perfect girlfriend gift book for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Full-color photographs throughout. 90 pages.

Our Take: This book is a great gift or gag book.  It features cute pics of animals with snarky comments about men.  All of which, by the way, are true!  ...and this is coming from a guy.   You gotta call it like you see it.   Bottom line, a fun book and a great gift idea!

A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To the Future Book Review

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 A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To the Future Book Review

About the Book: Michael J. Fox abandoned high school to pursue an acting career, but went on to receive honorary degrees from several universities and garner the highest accolades for his acting, as well as for his writing. In his new book, he inspires and motivates graduates to recognize opportunities, maximize their abilities, and roll with the punches--all with his trademark optimism, warmth, and humor. 

In A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future, Michael draws on his own life experiences to make a case that real learning happens when "life goes skidding sideways." He writes of coming to Los Angeles from Canada at age eighteen and attempting to make his way as an actor. Fox offers up a comically skewed take on how, in his own way, he fulfilled the requirements of a college syllabus. He learned Economics as a starving artist; an unexpected turn as a neophyte activist schooled him in Political Science; and his approach to Comparative Literature involved stacking books up against their movie versions.
Replete with personal stories and hilarious anecdotes, Michael J. Fox's new book is the perfect gift for graduates.

Our Take: Its graduation season and what do you get your kid or loved one that is taking that next step in life?  This book by Michael J. Fox is 100 pages of stories and anecdotes about his starting out in the world.  Fox is one of the most charming personalities in Hollywood, and this shows through as a writer.  I really enjoyed reading through this and I think it'd be a nice and affirming book to give to anyone you feel is going through an important transition, especially a young person.

How to Buy:

Wacky Packages New New New Book Review

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 Wacky Packages New New New Book Review

About the Book: Wacky Packages: New New New is a follow-up title to the hilarious and colorful Wacky Packages, first published by Abrams in 2008. This new collection presents all the Wacky Packs from Series 8–14 covering the years 1974 and 1975. Featuring humorous and often grotesque parodies of common household brands like “Windaxe” cleaner and “Smoochers” jam, Wacky Packages: New New New offers a tongue-in-cheek critique of consumer culture and marketing subversion.
Created by a host of comics artists including Kim Deitch, Bill Griffith, Jay Lynch, and Norm Saunders, alongside Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Art Spiegelman, Wacky Packages; New New New is a colorful, edgy, and intensely creative collection of illustrations. Packaged with four never-before-seen stickers and a wax jacket, Wacky Packages: New New New will please fans and collectors alike.

Our Take: This book is a follow-up to the original Wacky Packages art book that was released in 2008.  It features artwork from stickers between 1974-75.  The great little hardcover book is easy to carry around and has a cool wax card package like dust jacket.

The Wacky Packages New New New book features stickers from the iconic series, such as CENTS: Copper Flavored (instead of Certs mints), Pepto-Dismal and TV Garbage Magazine (in lieu of TV Guide).  This series was very much in the veign of snarky magazines like Mad and Cracked and later inspired the famous Garbage Pail Kids series of the 1980s.

The book is full of funny, gross and off-color art pieces mocking all types of products.  Its a ton of fun for adults and kids alike!

How to Buy:

The Left Left Behind Book Review

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The Left Left Behind Book Review

About the Book: Hugo and Nebula award-winner Terry Bisson is best known for his short stories, which range from the southern sweetness of “Bears Discover Fire” to the alienated aliens of “They’re Made Out of Meat.” He is also a 1960’s New Left vet with a history of activism and an intact (if battered) radical ideology.

The Left Behind novels (about the so-called “Rapture” in which all the born-agains ascend straight to heaven) are among the bestselling Christian books in the US, describing in lurid detail the adventures of those “left behind” to battle the Anti-Christ. Put Bisson and the Born-Agains together, and what do you get? The Left Left Behind--a sardonic, merciless, tasteless, take-no-prisoners satire of the entire apocalyptic enterprise that spares no one--predatory preachers, goth lingerie, Pacifica radio, Indian casinos, gangsta rap, and even “art cars” at Burning Man.

Plus: "Special Relativity," a one-act drama that answers the question: When Albert Einstein, Paul Robeson, and J. Edgar Hoover are raised from the dead at an anti-Bush rally, which one wears the dress? As with all Outspoken Author books, there is a deep interview and autobiography: at length, in-depth, no-holds-barred and all-bets off: an extended tour though the mind and work, the history and politics of our Outspoken Author. Surprises are promised.

Our Take: I respect everyone's right to believe what they want.  Hey, whatever keeps the sheep interested in the sky cake, right?   Its when their beliefs are thrust upon me that I get annoyed.  One things we have to hear about incessantly is the rapture.  You know, that wonderful day that I wish would happen, when all the Christians just disappear in an instant.  Oh, dare to dream.

In the Left Left Behind we get a great novel of sarcasm and wit based on what happens to those left over after the rapture.  Author Terry Bisson does a wonderful job of not only making you laugh, but pointing out a few hilarous idiocies.   A truly fun read.

How to Buy: the PM Press Website

Digital Expressions Book Review

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Digital Expressions Book Review
About the Book: Digital Expressions guides the mixed-media artist through 25 stepped-out digital projects created with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Projects like manipulating single photos, collage on a digital canvas, and digital illustration will inspire you to tackle all kinds of digital mixed-media projects using stock photography, custom brushes, textured backgrounds and your own digital photos. A team of talented contributing artists further illustrates the techniques in action. Plus, a bonus CD includes more than 20 digital design elements for you to use in your own projects!

Our Take:  The new book, Digital Expressions, teaches readers how to really utilize Photoshop to their best advantage when manipulating photos and creating various works of art.  Books like this are so advantageous, because programs like Photoshop are so vast that you can take classes on it and still not learn every function.  This way, you get tips and tricks from others that are already in the know and you can expedite your skills.

Hands down one of the best features of this book is it's accompanying CD.  The CD includes tons of custom brushes and images that you can use for your own photoshop work! 

How to Buy:

Heavy Metal Magazine: 25 Years of Classic Covers Book Review

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Heavy Metal Magazine: 25 Years of Classic Covers Book Review

About the Book: Every piece of cover art from 1977 to 2001... IN FULL COLOR!
A must have for all Heavy Metal collectors! 25 years of covers with over 100 artists featured inside! 112 page hard cover

Our Take:  Heavy Metal has been an American icon for 33 years now!  We're fortunate to get 25 years of those covers collected in this hardcover book!  The illustrations are beautiful, and its so fun to see covers that I missed out on, since I was born in '79 I missed quite a few!  

This is a fantastic coffee table book and a fun conversation piece.  A must-have for any fan of the magazine or fantasy art in general!

The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis Book Review

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The Simpsons Futurama Crossover Crisis Book Review

About the Book: What would happen if the Planet Express crew and the citizens of New York City in the 31st Century met the Simpsons and the citizens of Springfield . . . and how is it even possible? Prepare yourself for a Simpsons saga filled with Futurama! A Futurama fable suffused with the Simpsons! Featuring a plethora of pleasing plot devices including: evil brain spawn, lactose-intolerant space aliens, a giant ball of yarn, flying cars, mistaken identities, world domination, the brittle fabric of reality torn asunder, a comic book-collecting sentient planet, the Dewey Decimal system, self-eating watermelons, slave labor, space pirates, power-crazed vampires, super hero battles, unflattering underwear, mad science run amok, and much, much more!

This is the epic story that you've been waiting for . . . a story so big, so ambitious, so sweeping that it can only be told in a 208-page, large format, slip-cased edition, complete with new material, supplemental stories, preliminary sketches, character designs, and a pin-up gallery featuring the talents of comics industry luminaries Alex Ross, Sergio Aragonés, Geof Darrow, Kyle Baker, Peter Kuper, and Bernie Wrightson, among others.

It's a comic convergence on a reality ripping, time altering, space traveling, intergalactic scale! It's The Simpsons Futurama Crossover CrisisUncut and all comedy! First published in 2002 and 2005 as two two-part, comic book mini-series (Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis and The Simpsons/Futurama Crossover Crisis II), these four hard-to-find comics are collected together for the first time in a hardcover collection, encased in a die-cut slipcase, and packaged with a reprint of the very first Eisner Award-winning issue of Simpsons Comics from 1993.

Our Take: The first thing that strikes you about this book when you pick it up is the packaging.  Its a beautiful, glossy hardcover with a slipcase.  Each side primarily features either Simpsons or Futurama.  The set comes with a re-print of the classic Bongo Simpsons comic book #1 and several pages of sketch and behind the scenes art!

The story itself is well-drawn and fun. James Lloyd does a fantastic job on the pencils.  The characters are dead-on for their animation models.  The writing from Ian Boothby is great, as well.  The story is hilarious, and I won't spoil it for the fans, but its everything you can imagine.

We get a solid 158 pages of story in this great hardcover.  I cannot recommend it enough to Simpsons and Futurama fans alike!

How to Buy:

Neon Ghostbusters Sign Coming....

retail will be around $100

Toy Story 3 Electronics from Digital Blue!

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Check out whats coming from Digital Blue!

Toy Story 3 IMAGINEXT Toys!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Batman: The Brave & the Bold Season One Part One DVD

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....coming August 17th!

This set will retail for $19.99

Episodes:1) Rise of the Blue Beetles
2) Terror on Dinosaur Island
3) Evil Under the Sea
4) Invasion of the Secret Santas
5) Day of the Dark Knight!
6) Enter the Outsiders!
7) Dawn of the Dead Man!
8) Fall of the Blue Beetle!
9) Journey to the Center of the Bat!
10) The Eyes of Despero!
11) Return of the Five Fearsome Fangs!
12) Deep Cover the Batman! (Part 1)
13) Game Over for Owlman! (Part 2)

24: The Final Day Coming To Blu-ray And DVD & The Complete Series In A Collectible DVD Box Set

 24: The Final Day Coming To Blu-ray And DVD &  The Complete Series In A Collectible DVD Box Set

Time may be running out on 24, one of the most innovative and acclaimed dramas on television, but fans can relive every heart-pounding minute of the show’s final season when “24” Season Eight arrives on December 7, 2010 to Blu-ray and DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  Additionally on December 7, fans will also have a chance to experience all 8 days of Jack Bauer when “24” The Complete Series arrives in a collectible DVD box set.

“24” The Complete Series is a must-own collectible box set, that includes Seasons 1-8, and bursting with bonus features including deleted scenes; behind-the-scenes footage; a comprehensive retrospective that looks back at the show’s unforgettable eight seasons; an alternate ending for the series finale and much more.
In “24” Season Eight, New York City is the backdrop and Emmy Award® winner Kiefer Sutherland is back as rugged counter-terrorist, Jack Bauer.  Just when he thought he was leaving the dangerous life behind to be with his daughter and her family, Jack is once again called on by CTU to uncover a Russian extremist plot to assassinate an Islamic leader during peace negotiations with U.S. President Taylor.  Fan favorites Elisha Cuthbert, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Cherry Jones, and Annie Wersching are joined by new faces Anil Kapoor, Katee Sackoff, Bob Gunton and Freddie Prinze Jr. for Jack’s final, nail-biting 24 hours protecting America’s freedom

Predator: The Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-Ray Coming Soon!

“If it bleeds, we can kill it…”  The ultimate warrior faces the ultimate enemy when Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition arrives on Blu-ray with a stunning new restored transfer on June 29 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  Available just in time for the theatrical debut of Predators on July 9, the Blu-ray includes $10 in Movie Money to see the latest film in theaters across the country.

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger; The Terminator) wages an all-out war against an unseen enemy, a force more powerful and deadly than any on Earth-because the Predator is not of this Earth.  As he leads an elite group of commandos on a rescue mission deep into the jungle, Dutch and his team quickly learn that their foe kills for pleasure and hunts for sport. However, this time….it picked the wrong man to hunt.

Directed by John McTiernan (Die Hard), Predator also stars Carl Weathers (Rocky), Michael Biehn (The Terminator) and Jesse Ventura (The Running Man).  Along with a complete digital restoration of the film, the all-new Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray is loaded with extras including a sneak-peek at the upcoming Predators, an all-new documentary entitled “Evolution of the Species: Hunters of Extreme Perfection” featuring interviews with Predators producer Robert Rodriguez, director Nimród Antal and original Predator producer John Davis, a feature-length commentary by John McTiernan, making-of documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage and much more.  The Blu-ray will be available for a suggested retail price of $29.99 U.S./$37.99 Canada.

Predator: Ultimate Hunter Edition Blu-ray Special Features:
-ALL-NEW Digital Restoration of Predator
-ALL-NEW Sneak Peak at Predators
-ALL-NEW “Evolution of the Species: Hunters of Extreme Perfection” Featurette
-Feature-Length Audio Commentary by John McTiernan
-Text Commentary by Historian Eric Lichtensfeld
-“If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It” Making-Of Documentary
-“Inside The Predator” Documentary
-Special Effects Featurettes
-Deleted Scenes and Outtakes
-Short Takes
-Theatrical Trailers
-Photo Galleries
-Predator Profile

History Channel - I Know What I Saw DVD Review

History Channel - I Know What I Saw DVD Review 

Synopsis: Director and host James Fox assembles the most credible UFO witnesses from around the world to testify on the subject and share their experiences and observations. Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries gather at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. to tell stories that, as former Arizona governor Fife Symington states, 'will challenge your reality.' These accounts reveal a behind-the-scenes U.S. operation whose policy, in the eyes of some observers, seems to involve confiscation of substantiating evidence from close encounters--to the extent that even Presidents have failed to get straight answers.

Review: Ok, lets face it there aren't a lot of credible UFO sightings out there.  A lot of times they end up being weather balloons or night flares or just plain a hoax.   James Fox brings us the History Channel documentary 'I Know What I Saw', which is quite possibly the first credible look at UFO sightings that I have ever seen.

I enjoy following the details of UFO sightings.  The possibility is very interesting, it just usually doesn't pan out and I'm not the kind of person to go on faith, so I need the evidence.  'I Know What I Saw' gives us evidence after evidence and interviews with actual credible sources in the government and military.  Its a phenominal documentary and perfect for anyone with any level of interest in UFOs.

Rating: UFO sightings, Paranormal Events, Space, The History Channel, Documentary

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alternate World Dc Comics Featured on Fringe Finale....

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 Last week we brought you news of a Fringe star that is really into Batman.  Now, check out these high-res pics from the Fringe finale featuring Dc Comics!!

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Geoff: Anyone see FRINGE last night? If you did, or if you’ve read this blog this week, you saw the RED LANTERN/RED ARROW cover. And maybe the bizarre SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL RETURNS in the style of Frank Miller’s BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. Or the infamous cover to CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #7, but Supergirl’s holding Superman. Or the event that rocked the mid-90s, THE DEATH OF BATMAN. So where did these come from?
An alternate Earth.

For real.

A month or so ago, I was fortunate enough to take on the job of Chief Creative Officer. That meant I was charged with bringing out characters out of the comic book pages and into the vast world of television, film, animation and video games that is DC Entertainment. One of the first calls I got was from the director of the Fringe season finale – writer/producer/director Akiva Goldsman. He was shooting a scene in an alternate world where things weren’t exactly like ours. Where even the smallest details were somewhat off. Including the comics. Together with executive producer Jeff Pinker, Akiva wanted to showcase an array of DC Comics that could’ve been including the ones you can see below. He wanted them to be as authentic as possible. Something only the hardcore would really recognize. We all came up with some ideas. That’s when Hank Kanalz came in…

Hank: …and when Geoff Johns and Ivan Cohen call, you pick up the phone. The idea was so crazy, it could really work, so we set out to do just that. As I always tell people, WildStorm is more than just an imprint – it is also a full service creative studio. And yes, we also publish the Fringe comic book (a new #1 on sale June 23, end of plug).

We mobilized Batman: Arkham Asylum artist Carlos D’Anda, The Authority: Lost Year artists JJ Kirby, Michael Lopez, and Oliver Nome, and art directors extraordinaire Larry Berry and Ed Roeder to create these fun alternate reality covers. We assembled the first four covers quickly…but we really wanted to exceed all expectations for the fifth cover. With the concept of RED LANTERN/RED ARROW we had only one choice – Ivan Reis. Geez, did he and Oclair Albert deliver, or what?

So what do you think? Do you want to see the stories behind the covers? If so, you should hit up Hank. Who knows, maybe these would be fun to write…

The Next Round of JLU Single Pack Figures...

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Coming to Target stores later this year!
  • Future JLU Superman with Starro Spore — In a double dose of firsts, this release will mark the initial availability of an all-new figure, plus it includes fan-favorite Starro Spore as a never-before-offered accessory!
  • Barry Allen as The Flash with Lightning Bolt — It’s the first time this figure is offered, so you’ll want to catch him before he’s gone in a… well, you know…
  • Power Ring — Evil twins everywhere will rejoice when Power Ring joins their ranks for the first time as an action figure. Features a giant green hand construct.
  • Batman Beyond with Batarang — Available for the first time as a single, Batman is ready to battle the bad guys when stocked with this staple from his arsenal.
  • Mr. Terrific — Also making his big debut as a single, the ever-present T-spheres have been completely redesigned.

Wal-Mart Exclusive Toy Story 3 Buddy Packs!

For the full story click the title above!

Toy Story 3 Joins Forces with the USPS!

click the above title for the complete story!

Toy Story 3 has joined up with the US Postal Service to promote their Priority Mail service.  You can see more at the official website:  

No merchandise has come of this yet, although we imagine stamps may be in our future.  Your local post office may have a cool cardboard display that has been spotted by some fans.

John DiMaggio Undertakes a Villainous Icon as The Joker in “Batman: Under the Red Hood”

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John DiMaggio Undertakes a Villainous Icon as The Joker in “Batman: Under the Red Hood”

Known to adults as “Bender” in Futurama and tweens as “Dr. Drakken” in Kim Possible, John DiMaggio takes an iconic step forward as the voice of The Joker, the pivotal villain in the all-new DC Universe animated original movie, Batman: Under the Red Hood.

In the film, Batman faces his ultimate challenge as the mysterious Red Hood takes Gotham City by firestorm. One part vigilante, one part criminal kingpin, Red Hood begins cleaning up Gotham with the efficiency of Batman, but without following the same ethical code. And when The Joker falls in the balance between the two forces of justice, hard truths are revealed and old wounds are reopened.

DiMaggio gets free reign to play the iconic villain amidst a stellar voice cast that includes Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek) as the Caped Crusader, Supernatural star Jensen Ackles as Red Hood, and Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) as Nightwing.

Best known for his near-100 episodes as “Bender,” DiMaggio has
parlayed his deep, gravelly tones and versatile acting style into a
major force on the voiceover scene for the past decade. DiMaggio’s
credits include roles in Kim Possible, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans,
Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Duck
Dodgers, Jackie Chan Adventures, The Penguins of Madagascar and

Voiceover has so dominated his time that DiMaggio has virtually
abandoned his on-camera career – despite past work as a regular cast
member on Chicago Hope and a number of guest roles in TV series such
as Becker, N.Y.P.D. Blue, Felicity, Bones, Without a Trace and My Name
is Earl.

Batman: Under the Red Hood is the next entry in the popular ongoing
series of DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 Movies from Warner
Premiere, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. The full-length
film will be distributed by Warner Home Video on July 27, 2010 as a
Special Edition version on Blu-Ray™ and 2-disc DVD, as well as being
available on single disc DVD, On Demand and for Download. 

But before you race to Amazon to pre-order your copy, take a minute to
get to know John DiMaggio.

What were your initial thoughts about assuming this iconic role?

I was shocked when I got the role, shocked when I came in to record,
and shocked when I saw the finished product during ADR. I just wanted
to honor the real true lunacy of the character. I didn’t want to make
him campy, but I wanted to pay a little bit of tribute to the past
Jokers – and yet keep it original at the same time. That’s walking a
fine line, if there ever was one.

It was a little intimidating because it is such an iconic role. It’s
an honor to get this job -- and especially to play the Joker in this
version because it’s so dark and twisted. I felt like I got a really
wonderful opportunity.

Can you remember your early connections with the Batman mythology, and
how any of the previous Joker actors might have influenced your
performance in this role?

I think the thing that influenced me the most when I was young is the
television show, which is really sad because there have been so many
great comics and graphic novels and stories about the Dark Knight that
I haven’t been able to delve into yet – and yet I know about them. I
actually would’ve loved to see Cesar Romero take the role to its
darkness. There was a bit of Cesar Romero in what I did, but it’s
Cesar Romero if he was in A Clockwork Orange.

I guess my naiveté in my approach kind of kept it clean. I wasn’t
trying to do a Jack (Nicholson) or a Heath (Ledger). I respect all the
folks that have come before me, and their take on the character. Mark
Hamill is awesome, Heath Ledger was unbelievable, and Jack Nicholson –
what can you say? But I wanted to do my own thing.

Was there any particular direction you wanted to take this Joker?

I wanted to cover what I saw on the paper, and I wanted to ensure
Andrea (Romano, casting/dialogue director) got exactly what she
wanted. Usually if the script is good enough, you know where your
emotions should be, where your character lies. It should all be in the
dialogue, and it certainly was.

How do you interpret the Joker’s mindset?

I think the Joker thinks of himself, quite literally, as a necessary
evil. And when I say that, I mean he really feels there is a place for
him, and that he somehow balances the chaos with the non-chaos. It’s a
yin and yang thing. And it’s really not personal, it’s business.
Although he can get personal and he enjoys it. That makes it that much
more twisted.

You’ve certainly done more than your share of villains. Do you prefer
to go to the dark side?

I love playing the villains. I’ll play anything, I don’t care. As long
as its not tons of walla or gasping, I’m good. I hate the inhale.

When you were a kid, did you ever imagine you’d be voicing cartoons
for a living?

I was a class clown – I basically started acting when I was a kid. I
wanted to play drums, but I couldn’t afford a drum set. It was easier
to be in a play, so it just kind of happened. I walked into voiceover
in New York in 1994. I was doing stand-up (comedy) at the time, and
was looking to get out of it and into acting. An actor buddy of mine,
Zak Orth, said it was a way to make a good living between acting gigs.
I moved to LA, because there’s more animation here, and the rest is
history. So yeah, thanks Zak – give me a ring.

Your primary focus is voiceovers these days. Do you have any
inclination to do more live-action acting or stand-up comedy?

On-camera acting is fun, but I don’t miss it. Voiceovers are quicker,
and you get to work with such amazing, talented people – it’s a blast
to play in the studio with these actors and writers and directors.
With (on-camera) acting, there so much more waiting around, and my
patience has run thin. Plus it beats the hell out of slinging jokes
six nights a week at a Chuckle Hut in East Bumbleblard.

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Batman: Under the Red Hood Official Website Launched

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 The official website is now live for "Batman: Under the Red Hood," the next entry in the popular ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 Movies coming July 27, 2010 from Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. The full-length film will be
distributed by Warner Home Video.

The URL for the website is

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