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Monday, April 05, 2010

WWE Slam Attax Cards Review

 WWE Slam Attax Cards Review

The Cards: The base cards in this new set include 35 Raw Superstars, 33 Smackdown Superstars, 21 ECW Superstars, 6 Tag Teams, 20 WWE Legends, 5 Match Type cards and 10 Pay Per View cards.   The insert cards include 19 Finishing Moves foil cards, 10 Props cards, 10 Champions foil cards and 11 Title foil cards.

You can download a checklist of the cards HERE

The Game: The Topps WWE Slam Attax game is for two players.  You basically use the attack and defense numbers on your character cards to determine who wins each match.

Our Take: This game is a ton of fun.  Its a great blend of trading and gaming cards, which should please any collector of both cards and the WWE.  It was great to see the ECW characters blended in, as well as the classic superstars, who will always be our personal favorites!

These cards are great.  A fun game, and my kids were able to play with me.  Score!  Go pick these up today!

Links: The Official Topps Website