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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Lord of the Films Book Review

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The Lord of the Films Book Review

About the Book: A unique scene-by-scene breakdown of all of the Lord of the Rings movies, this guide provides in-depth analysis of the live-action trilogy and other related films, alongside games, puzzles, and interviews with the filmmakers. Each scene is explored in four different ways: a closer look at the plot and the action, a look behind the scenes, a reveal of mistakes that slipped through, and audience reactions. In addition to covering the stunning Peter Jackson trilogy and other adaptions (including the animated adaptations), details are also revealed about the prequel films currently in production, making this an essential volume for any Lord of the Rings fan.

Our Take: The Lord of the Films: The Unofficial Guide to Tolkien's Middle Earth on the Big Screen is one of those books that I'd normally walk by in the bookstore.  I see 'Unofficial Guide' and right away my mind moves to the idea of a lesser-quality book.  What I've found through opening my eyes is that most certainly isn't always the case.  Its most definately not the case with the Lord of the Films.  We're huge Tolkien fans here at the Legion and we're always up for some LOTR goodness, especially as we anticipate the eventually forthcoming Hobbit feature film. 

I've figured out that J.W. Braun is a bigger nerd than I am.  I mean that with much respect.  This book, The Lord of the Films, is jam-packed with behind the scenes info, trivia and tidbits from the filming of what I consider to be the best film trilogy of all-time.  One page might contain five-ten various bits of information ranging from where the Dead Marshes scenes were shot to how they trained Shadowfax the horse for his glorious on-screen entrance!    The book even has a quiz and activity section in the back.  

This book is a great time killer for any Lord of the Rings fan.  It'd be great to have at work in your desk, or in the car on the go, or even just at home by the sofa.  Its a ton of fun, well put together and has a great softback design.  I highly recommend.

How to Buy: or the ECW website