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Monday, April 26, 2010

Speed Bump: Cartoons for Idea People Book Review

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Speed Bump: Cartoons for Idea People Book Review

About the Book: Relationships, health, work, and kids as well as philosophy and aliens are explored in this collection of thoughtful, hilarious panels from the widely syndicated Speed Bump cartoon. Oddball segues, drink recipes, caption contests, and prose pieces by the cartoonist furnish additional jokes and a wider perspective on the development of the comic strip. Aficionados and new fans of the cartoonist and his strip will find a thorough and amusing look at this popular cartoon.

Our Take: I really enjoy reading the one-panel off-the-wall comics in the paper each week, I always have. Strips like the Far Side and Non Sequitur have always been staples in our collected strip books.  I hadn't heard of Speed Bump (because apparently I live under a rock), so I wanted to check it out.  I wasn't too sure if it'd strike a cord with me, that is until I opened it up.  Right away I was pulled in by the humor.

Speed Bump is syndicated nationwide in over 250 newspapers!   It becomes clear very quickly why that is.  These clever cartoons are not only enjoyable, but they're refreshing and.  This would be a great book to bring to work or have lying around the house for when you need a quick laugh.  I definately recommend.
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