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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ripped: T-Shirts from the Underground

Ripped: T-Shirts from the Underground

About the Book: A visual history of counterculture music T-shirts, spanning the defining era of indie music. Ripped is the first book to document the shirts of the post-punk and indie period, after the submission of 1960s rock ‘n’ roll to mass popularity and before the onset of ironic consumerism. Carefully selected from the archives of vintage fashion collector Cesar Padilla, the 200 T-shirts in this book are classic examples of rare and extremely limited shirts created by and for the very bands who embodied the true essence of the DIY and indie movements—from The Ramones to Sonic Youth, John Cale, Talking Heads, Madonna, X, Pil, The Germs, and many others. Each shirt has been photographed in all its gritty, sweat-stained glory just as it was found—on the street, in a thrift store, or inherited from a friend. Introduced by Lydia Lunch, the book includes recollections and ruminations from musicians, fashion designers, and pop culture personalities on the enigmatic and enduring appeal of the rock band T-shirt.

Our Take:  I love t-shirts. I mean, they are the perfect thing to wear in most situations. Well, except formal occasions, but when you are bumming around they are comfortable as all out.  They can range from tight fitting all the way to a dress!  How perfect is that?!  I also love going to concerts. The highlight, besides seeing the band, is picking out my t-shirt.  I have so many band shirts, some as far back as when I was 16.  I still go to thrift shops to hunt for old band t-shirts or any that are interesting.  I've even gotten into the altered art of t-shirts.  My goodness, is that fun. I even have skirts made out of t-shirts.  I have worn them to art openings. Wearing a piece of art while looking at pieces of art. Well, this book is a showcase of underground t-shirts. Ripped has everything from politics to bands (of course), causes, or great sayings.

This book is very interesting in my opinion. I love seeing all these pieces of history. I look through it and want to get my hands on so many of these. I mean, who thought that t-shirts could be a part of history. I do honestly think that in 30-50 years t-shirts will become huge collectibles.  They're a stitch in time, so to speak.  Especially the rare ones. This book actually showcases some amazing shirts that are likely to become just that. Collectible t-shirts. 

We highly recommend this book for anyone interested in pop culture.  Its a great read and a lot of fun.

-Holly, Book Legion

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