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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Plunder: The Crime of Our Time DVD Review

Plunder: The Crime of Our Time DVD Review

Synopsis: A hard-hitting investigative film by Danny Schechter. The “News Dissector” explores how the financial crisis was built on a foundation of criminal activity uncovering the connection between the collapse of the housing market and the economic catastrophe that followed. To tell this story Schechter speaks with bankers involved in these activities, respected economists, insider experts, top journalists including Paul Krugman, and even a convicted white-collar criminal, Sam Antar, who blows the whistle on intentionally dishonest practices.

Review: This documentary investigates the Wall Street fraud and financial crisis going on in our country right now, with a huge focus on the issues with the housing market.   The same guy that brought us "In Debt We Trust", this documentary is full of great investigations and information, including damning speeches by politicians and various perspectives on the way Wall Street operates and trains.   This documentary is great, I highly recommend.

Rating: Documentary film, Investigative Journalism