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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Parenting a Bipolar Child Book Review

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 Parenting a Bipolar Child Book Review

About the Book: When a child or adolescent is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it’s hard for his or her parents to know exactly what to do. What constitutes an effective therapeutic approach to help their bipolar child navigate childhood and adolescence? In this book, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, both specializing in mood disorders, offer a comprehensive overview of the available treatment options and most effective parenting strategies for dealing with this serious condition. 

In addition to a thorough explanation of the often necessary medical treatments for bipolar disorder, the book also details the importance of emotional regulation in bipolar children. Techniques for dealing with displays of rage, anger, and irritability in children are covered. The book also addresses sleep deprivation, one of the most common symptoms of childhood bipolar disorder, and the issues young people with bipolar disorder face in school. Subjects of particular interest to parents of older children and adolescents are covered, such as substance abuse, eating disorders, violence, and suicide. All of this information is complemented by advice on parental self-care and integrating the care of the bipolar child with the needs of the rest of the family.

Our Take: One of the most misunderstood mental illnesses in this country is bipolar disorder, also previously know as manic depression.  Bipolar has become a slang term and with that a negative one.  Often when someone is nasty, unpredictable or rude they are referred to as 'bipolar'.  This couldn't be further from the core of what the illness entails.  To be bipolar simply indicates the common crossover between mania and depression...the extremes of the two poles.  To be a child that is diagnosed bipolar has to be difficult in this day and age with all the stigma around it.   It has to be equally as difficult to deal with a bipolar child as a parent.

This book, Parenting a Bipolar Child, gives us a great insight into the challenges that are faced by trying to properly raise someone with bipolar disorder.  This book stays away from the intense clinical approach and goes into easy reading that focuses on the practical by giving parents various ideas and tools to help address the various situations that may arise.  The book provides a few stories for example, but mostly is explanations of the various aspects of bipolar disorder and how it can affect children, for example their sleep patterns. 

This book is reassuring and fantastic.  Its full of logical and compassionate knowlege that is sure to help any parent facing this illness with their child.

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