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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

National Geographic Kids: Super Stars Book Review

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About the Book: Everyone knows that those bright, white dots in the night sky are stars; but how many of us really know what stars are, how they are born, how their lives affect ours, and how they die. SuperStars! is a book to expand the knowledge and fire the imaginations of stargazers everywhere. Expert David Aguilar guides young readers through a galaxy of stars, including the biggest, wariest, and most explosive, not to mention star daycares and "diamonds in the sky". SuperStars! is a title that will intrigue kids and bring all those mesmerizing little dots of light in the night sky to life.

Our Take: I can remember sitting under the stars with my son when he was three and explaining the scope of the universe to him.  He has always been ahead of his time in comprehension, so he was fascinated.  Now, he's nearly eight years old and looking for some more in-depth information about the solar system.  I thought that turning to National Geographic Kids would be a good idea.
 The book features some great information on everything from supernovas to open star clusters.  This hardcover book features primarily computer generated images that illustrate all types of space phenominon.   It also gives kids a great constellation map in the back of the book.  Super Stars is a wonderful book for any kid thats either interested or that you want to get interested in outer space!