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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kevin Eastman's RoninBebop Graphic Novel Review (Adults Only)

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 Kevin Eastman's RoninBebop Graphic Novel Review

About the Book: Roninbebop is 224 pages of madness, with six different tales of insanity brought to you from the twisted minds of Kevin Eastman, Simon Bisley, Eric Talbot, and Tom Skulan! It's got it all - nasty flesh eating aliens and monsters in "Zombie War," body swapping serial killers in the lust drenched "Infectious," over-the-top superheroes fight the evil Mental Head for the sake of planet Earth in "Thump's Guts," convicted murders are transported into the middle of an off world war as their penance in No Guts No Glory," tiny mutant animals fight for their life and turf in "The Very Angry Seven," and Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley's comic character alter egos raise some hell in the mad cap adventures of "Biz and Buzz!"

Our Take: We're big fans of Heavy Metal here at the Legion.  Also of Eastman and the Biz (Simon Bisley).   If I see a graphic novel with Biz artwork on the cover, that tells me that there is a certain level of quality there and I instantly pick it up.  This has been the case since the Grendel and Lobo days.  I have yet to be let down.  

Roninbebop is basically a compilation of older and rather obscure works by Eastman and some of his pals, like Eric Talbot and the Biz.   I wasn't sure how this would end up, as its really kind of an indulget 'for the hardcore fans' type of release, but I was really pleased with the content.  The cover is hilarious and the reads are fun.   Plenty of violence, murder and sexuality.  The trifecta of adult graphic novels.

I have to recommend this one to comics fans everywhere.  This is a nice collection of rare stories by some very prolific names.  Heavy Metal doesn't release anything but high quality product, so I always shop there with confidence.

How to Buy: the Heavy Metal website