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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jim Henson's The Song of the Cloud Forest and Other Earth Stories DVD Review

Jim Henson's The Song of the Cloud Forest and Other Earth Stories DVD Review

Synopsis: THE SONG OF THE CLOUD FOREST: Originally appearing as part of The Jim Henson Hour, THE SONG OF THE CLOUD FOREST features a blend of music, puppetry and animation resulting in a vibrant landscape of color that echoes the natural beauty found in the real world's rain forests. Starring a brightly colored cast of puppet animals, the show celebrates the beauty of the rain forests while educating the audience about the real dangers threatening the survival of both the rain forests and their inhabitants. FRAGGLE ROCK - "RIVER OF LIFE”: When Fraggle Rock’s water supply is contaminated by the Silly Creatures, only Boober can save the day! ANIMAL SHOW WITH STINKY AND JAKE - "Owl & Frog" and "Kangaroo & Frog": ANIMAL SHOW brings out the wild side of wildlife – as only The Jim Henson Company™ can! As the furriest talk show to ever hit the airwaves, there's music and merriment that has the animal world roaring – ANIMAL SHOW! Your hosts Stinky the Skunk and Jake the Polar Bear welcome Owl, Frog and Kangaroo guests of the animal kingdom.

Review: Jim Henson is best known for shows like the Muppets, but he was responsible for so many other features, many of which were environmentally conscience.   The Song of the Cloud Forest was part of the Jim Henson Hour back in 1989 on NBC.  The hour-long series would begin with MuppeTelevision and then a half hour segment, often the Storyteller.  

The main focus of the Song of the Cloud Forest was an environmentally conscious outlook on the world.  There was a new movement at the time to save the rainforest and Henson was always very tapped into such causes.  The puppeteering is wonderful and the story is great.  This is classic Henson work.

This DVD includes the Cloud Forest and two other tales, one of which is Fraggle Rock.  The other is the Animal Show with Stink and Jake.  This is a fantastic release from Lionsgate.  We're hoping for a full Jim Henson Hour series DVD release soon! 

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars