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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iron Man 2 Movie Novelization Book Review

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 Iron Man 2 Movie Novelization Book Review

About the Book: "I am Iron Man." With those words, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark revealed his secret identity. Now a famous high-tech superhero, he uses his powers to protect mankind. Yet things are not going well for Tony Stark. The U.S. military demands control of the most powerful weapon on earth--the Iron Man suit. His beautiful new assistant has a strange, mysterious agenda while his best friend, Rhodey, has betrayed him. And Tony is hunted by a vengeful Russian criminal armed with a lethal technology that may be stronger than Tony's suit. But even as he fights his demons, the hero faces his greatest threat--one that no armor can defend against . . .

Our Take: Iron Man was a HUGE film.  That and the Dark Knight did things for comic books on film that have changed the game forever.  Robert Downey, Jr. is so dynamic and unstable that he forms a perfect Tony Stark and really gives the fans and the casual moviegoers what they want.  Dollar for dollar you know that going to see Iron Man 2 won't be a waste of your money.  

I can't tell you how good of an adaptation Alexander Irvine did from the script by Justin Theroux, but the book read quite well.  I can't imagine too much was changed, but rather adapted as you'd hope.   Iron Man 2 is looking to be an amazing film.

This is a great book to add to your Iron Man collection.  Its great to have and may appeal to young adults as well as those looking to keep the excitement of the film going!

How to Buy: or the Hachette Website