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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Housebroken Blu-Ray Review

Housebroken Blu-Ray Review

Synopsis: Dad (Danny DeVito, TV's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has finally retired and wants to enjoy his golden years relaxing at home with his lovely wife. But his two twentysomething slacker sons have no plans to leave the nest anytime soon! So there's only one solution Dad and Mom (Katey Sagal, TV's Married with Children) move out! It's either sink or swim for clueless Elliot (Ryan Hansen, TV's Party Down) and Quinn (Skyler Stone, Van Wilder), who find themselves home alone for the first time with no one to pay the bills.

Review: The pairing of Katey Sagal and Danny DeVito is a great one.  Its only too bad that we don't get to see more of them in this film.  The majority of the feature is focused on the kids and their idiot selves.   The parents basically move out to teach their kids a lesson, which works eventually, after a lot of craziness. 

The blu-ray transfer looks great.  High-definition is the only way to enjoy a film these days.  This movie is a lot of fun.  Its light-hearted and yes, at some points kinda cliche, but its an enjoyable watch.  Anything with Danny DeVito is worth checking out!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars