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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hitler's Bodyguard DVD Review

Hitler's Bodyguard DVD Review

Synopsis: How history’s most evil tyrant survived 25 years of terror

How did Adolf Hitler manage to survive more than 40 assassination attempts--some by his own generals? Using captured SS documents and eyewitness interviews, this documentary series reveals the secrets of the elite bodyguards who swore loyalty oaths to the F├╝hrer himself. It explains how Hitler cultivated rivalries among his security services to ensure his safety, and how his purposefully unpredictable behavior saved his life several times.

Carefully assembled archival footage offers rare glimpses inside Hitler’s infamous strongholds--the Berghof, the Wolf’s Lair, and the Berlin bunker. Computer-generated graphics detail the security measures used in his trains, planes, and touring cars. And meticulous re-enactments bring lost incidents to life. In 13 riveting episodes, this Military Channel favorite brings fresh, fascinating context to the 20th century’s most evil and destructive tyrant.

Since 1990, the British team of Philip Nugus and Jonathan Martin has created popular, critically acclaimed historical documentaries, including Churchill’s Bodyguard and The Century of Warfare.

-- 20-page viewer’s guide with highlights, questions to consider, avenues for further learning, Who’s Who among Hitler’s Bodyguard, and a guide to Hitler’s security units.
-- Killing Hitler in the Movies filmography
-- Photo galleries
-- SDH subtitles

Review: You know, when I see another documentary about Hitler coming out I sigh loudly.  I mean honestly, who needs to watch more about Hitler and WWII?  Haven't we had our fill of Nazi garbage by now?  I must've seen three dozen comprehensive documentaries about the Nazis in my day, so why is this one special?  Why am I showcasing this one for the Legion readers?  Firstly, its produced by Athena.  I have yet to see an Athena documentary that doesn't blow me away.  Second, its an absolutely original and interesting angle that hasn't yet been explored.

Its so important for us not to forget our past as a world community.  What happened before and during World War II should never happen again.  If we keep these events close to our hearts, hopefully it won't.   Adolf Hitler was the most feared and hated man in the world, and yet he managed to stay alive for so long.  How is this possible?  Hitler's bodyguard does a wonderful job of bringing to light little-know incidents and delving into the logistics of how Hitler was kept alive.  Its a very interesting angle that sheds a lot of light on the inner-workings of the third reich.

This DVD set includes a ton of great extras too, like photo galleries, a 20 page booklet and more.  We highly recommend this for anyone interested in WWII, homeschoolers or even for in-school or college classes!

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars