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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fight! Dragon: The Complete Series DVD Review

Fight! Dragon: The Complete Series DVD Review

Synopsis: Hong Kong 'villain' actor Yasuaki Kurata stars in this exciting Japanese superhero television program. Unlike other shows of the era, this is a more 'traditional' superhero program...minus the special effects and rubber monster suits! What sets Fight! Dragon apart from other Japanese TV shows of the era is the absence of the fantasy and monster elements and the emphasis on martial arts fighting. Filled with exciting karate fights, outrageous stunts and non-stop action, Fight! Dragon is the type of 'they just don t make 'em like that anymore' television show fans have been anxiously awaiting to appear on DVD.

Review: This show stars rather infamous actor Yasuaki Kurata.  This isn't his typical role, though.  His grough appearance has had him cast as a heel in past features.  In Fight! Dragon he plays the hero, fighting his way through the day.

Whats great about this classic 1970s series is that its classic campy-martial arts action.  You can see in each fight scene, which all feature the same theme song, that the punches aren't connecting and the action is very, very clearly choreographed.   The story is pretty much the same for each episode, but the action is where its at.  The show is a ton of fun for anyone that enjoys vintage-era martial arts film.

This DVD set is set in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.  I was very pleased to find this, because I feel that Engligh dubs usually disturb the quality of the script and take away from the authentic feel of the show.  This represents the complete series of the show.  Anytime I see Complete Series on a DVD I get all excited!  I can own it all in one shot!  I definately recommend for any martial arts fan.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars