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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters Book Review

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Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters Book Review

About the Book: Did you know that O'Malley, the alley cat from The Aristocats, is actually named Abraham DeLacey Giuseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley? Or did you realize that Mickey Mouse has had many different careers, including firefighter, astronaut, detective, and truck driver?
You will discover this and more in the brand-new, updated paperback edition of Disney Junior Encyclopedia of Animated Characters! Go from Abu to Zazu . . . with stops at Lightning McQueen, Tinker Bell, and Wall-e along the way. Get fun facts, tricky trivia, and cool quotes from the animated stars you’ve come to know and love. Find out when they made their debut, what films they have appeared in, what are their most famous character traits, and much, much more!

Our Take: The Book Legion LOVES Disney.  Everything from Disney animation to live-action Disney, its all good here!  The Disney Junior Encyclopedia is something I wanted to spotlight for both kids and adult Disney fans.

This book basically includes great full-color pics and bios for 191 key Disney characters.  Everyone from Winnie the Pooh to Buzz Lightyear.  The softcover book has a sheet of stickers in the back, as well.

Parents.....this book is so much fun for your kids to look through and read.  You can also have a nice time reading it to them and discussing their favorite characters.  Its a good way to re-enforce a grounding in Disney, rather than some of the more mindless animation out there (cough, SPONGE BOB, cough).

Collectors....this book is ideal for you to add to your collections!  The stickers in the back alone are a great exclusive goodie, but the full color pages and info inside is so much fun to flip through, plus its bright and attractive...great even as a coffee table book.

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