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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clash of the Gods: The Complete Season One DVD Review

Clash of the Gods: The Complete Season One DVD Review

Synopsis: Reacquaint yourself with myths so powerful that they remain woven into the fabric of the present world, resonating with real-life relevance.

Thousands of years ago, they were used to help frame the world of the ancients, and dictate the guidelines of their societies. Today, they are often the first stories we learn as children, iconic tales in which good and evil clash, and humanity and fantasy collide. But what is the reality behind these stories? From the epic tragedy of Medusa, Greek mythology s most infamous female fiend, to Hercules, its greatest action hero, and Hades, master of the land of the dead and a god so feared no one would speak his name, explore these myths and the legendary figures who inspired them in CLASH OF THE GODS. Each episode connects ancient myths to actual historical events, as well as to events in the Bible and other cultures mythologies, gaining important historical insight from renowned scholars in search of the truth behind the legends.

This 10-part series on two discs travels back in time to reveal the stories behind some of history s most infamous mythological figures and legends including:

The Minotaur
Odysseus: Curse of the Sea
Tolkien's Monsters
And more

Review: The History Channel is famous for their documentary specials, but in recent years the shift has moved to serialized television shows.   A lot of focus gets put on war subject matter, but last August the channel debuted a fantastic show called Clash of the Gods.  Clash of the Gods delves into 10 different mythical characters and gives us an hour-long in-depth look at their history.   Everything from greek and norse gods to the creatures of Tolkien and how his time in the great war inspired his epic Lord of the Rings series.

This series gives us great dramatizations and cgi graphics of various creatures, along with a high-energy commentary by narrator Stan Bernard.  The series also features comments from various scholars and experts that shed some fantastic light on each god or creature. 

We highly recommend this series for anyone interested in mythology.  Its a lot of fun and does a fantastic job of keeping you interested the entire time. 

Rating: a strong 5 out of 5 Stars