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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Screen Bombshells DVD Review

Big Screen Bombshells DVD Review

Synopsis: This collection of 12 larger-than-life cult classic favorites boasts some of the biggest and baddest babes of the big screen!  From the ruthless to the dangerously sexy, these leading ladies dominate in these classic drive-in flicks.
Chain Gang Women – (1972)
Policewomen – (1974)
Superchick – (1973)
Las Vegas Lady – (1976)
Single Room Furnished – (1968)
Lena’s Holiday – (1991)
Cindy and Donna – (1971)
Hustler Squad – (1976)
Pick-Up – (1975)
Galaxina – (1980)
The Sister-In-Law – (1974)
The Stepmother – (1972)

Review: I'm a big fan of cult cinema.  We love a great pulp film around the Legion offices.  Everything from Ed Wood to blacksploitation to the crazy classic drive-in flicks of the 1960s and 1970s!

This new collection from Mill Creek features 12 drive-in flicks that star bombshells from the infamous Marilyn Monroe wannabe Jayne Mansfield to Barbara Mills.  Jayne has a great real-life story, having been decapitated while driving her car.  A perfect ending to a cult movie goddess.  A few stand-outs from this great collection are Policewomen and Galaxina.  These are fantastic, little-known films that are lost to so many generations.  We're so happy that Mill Creek is preserving them by releasing collections like this.  

We highly recommend this release.  Its a lot of fun and a great piece of history.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars