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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Augusten Burroughs Week: Day Four - Sellevision, A Novel Book Review

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 Augusten Burroughs Week: Day Four - Sellevision, A Novel Book Review

About the Book: Darkly funny and gleefully mean-spirited,Sellevision explores greed, obsession and third tier celebrity, in the world of a fictional home shopping network.

Welcome to the troubled world of Sellevision, America’s premier retail broadcasting network. When Max Andrews, the much-loved and handsome (lonely and gay) host of “Slumber Sunday Sundown” accidentally exposes himself in front of twenty million kids and their parents during a “Toys for Tots” segment, Sellevision faces its first big scandal. As Max fails to find a job in television, another host, the popular and perky Peggy Jean Smythe is receiving sinister emails about her appearance from a stalker. Popping pills and drinking heavily, she fails to notice that her husband is spending a lot of time with the very young babysitter who lives next door. Then there’s Leigh, whose affair with Sellevision boss Howard Toast is going nowhere, until she exposes him on air; and Bebe, Sellevision’s star host, who finds Mr. Right through the Internet--if she can just stop her shopping addiction from taking over.

Our Take: We felt that it was important to take the time to honor Augusten with an entire week here at Book Legion, so we're posting one of his titles each day this week!  This time we're looking at his first novel, Sellevision.

Augusten had really hit a slump with his previous book 'Possible Side Effects', and so he delved into straight fiction writing.  I have to say that I was VERY pleased with this effort.  At this point his wit and dark humor really shines as he creates these flawed, but endearing, characters and the twisted life situations that tie them together.  The book is centered around a broadcast network, 'Sellevision'.  Peggy, a good Christian mother, has a serious stalker, while Max was just fired for exposing himself on a kids segment on tv.   This book is light-hearted, while still managing to be dark and twisty.  Its classic Augusten and its an amazing read.

We highly recommend this novel to everyone!  Tomorrow we're going to examine the final book in our review week.....A Wolf at the Table!

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