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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amazing War Machines DVD Review

Amazing War Machines DVD Review

Synopsis: Learn the fascinating history and advancements made in the field of war machinery and weaponry. From gunpowder to the Gatling gun, the first Tank to the latest unmanned drones, we review the mechanisms and machinery man has created to wage war. Historical achievements through to modern day technologies are reviewed as we travel Land, Sea and Air in our in-depth, fascinating chronological journey of war machines.

Review: This DVD collection gives us all of the episodes of 'The Amazing World of War Machines'.  The subjects covered are:

Flint & steel
Rifles & machine guns
Artillery - Bombard to the howitzer
Fortification - Bollards to bunkers
Tanks and armoured cars
Battleships and Flotillas
Submarines - The silent killer
The fighter plane
The bomber - fortress in the sky
Rockets and missiles
Air defence and surveillance
Nuclear - biological and chemical warfare
Future war and the robo

This is a great quality documentary show that really gives a great production values.  I found it really enjoyable and full of information.  Mill Creek has released this great set, and you can find it for around $15, which is a fantastic bargain.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars