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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-Ray Review

A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-Ray Review 

Synopsis: Don't fall asleep! -- words to live by for Elm Street teens. Not a problem for fans wide awake with fear (and glee) as they experience these first 8 Nightmare movies released from 1984 to 2003. Each features Robert Englund's masterfully macabre incarnation of slouch-hatted, razor-fingered Freddy Krueger, who mixes wicked wit with even wickeder mayhem as he haunts teens when they're asleep and most vulnerable. A newspaper article about children who died after having fearsome nightmares provided the real-life springboard for filmmaker Wes Craven's breakthrough series. Perhaps that underlying reality helps make these shockers so unnerving. Or maybe it's just that we all like a good scare, and that this series consistently, imaginatively delivers some of the best.

Review: This is where it all began folks. Wes Craven's masterpiece 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'.  Freddy Krueger comes out of the ashes and into the dreams of the kids on Elm Street.  This represents the first of 7 original films and one of the first big screen debuts of Johnny Depp!  It even spawned a tv show, Freddy's Nightmares.  The latest hollywood horror remake is a re-boot of this famous franchise.  Before you see that in the theaters, you need to check out the original.

This movie..all of these movies, horrified me as a child.  I wasn't one of those kids that loved horror movies, I hated them.  Then, when I was a teen I went and saw the New Nightmare in theaters, that was the seventh film in the series.  It was the first one that Wes Craven had come back to direct and it showed.  What a fantastic movie it was.  The first one is so groundbreaking and definately shows the Craven mark.  Craven went on later in his career to launch the now infamous Scream series.

The 1080p high-definition transfer is fantastic.  I'm really impressed with it, considering the film was originally released about 30 years ago.  It certainly blows Clash of the Titans out of the water!  The color palet really pops in most sequences.  Its a little flat in some of the reality scenes, but overall it really looks amazing with smooth picture and minimal grain.  I definately recommend this release.  It has great picture and great 5.1 sound.  The extras are bountiful and Freddy is as terrifying as ever! 

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars