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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Annotated Godfather Book Review

 The Annotated Godfather Book Review

About the Book: For the millions of Godfather–obsessed—the first fully authorized, annotated, and lavishly illustrated edition of the complete screenplay, now available in paperback.

The ever-popular Godfather is widely considered to be the greatest movie ever made—is there anybody unable to quote at least one line?—and now for the first time, the highly praised annotated version of the complete screenplay is available in paperback. Every scene, practically every shot, is highlighted with fascinating facts about technical aspects, set design, and shooting locations; insider stories from the set, including arguments, accidents, and practical jokes; profiles of the actors and how they were cast; goofs and gaffes; plus interviews with studio execs, cast and crew, director Francis Ford Coppola, and much more.

Compiled by Jenny M. Jones, The Annotated Godfather is fully authorized by Paramount Pictures and includes more than 250 full-color photographs. This illustrated insider's look is a must-have companion to arguably the best movie of all time.

Our Take: Who doesn't love the Godfather?  Ok, plenty of women don't love the Godfather..but some do!  No?  Ok, maybe not. lol.  My wife certainly isn't into it.  Not even for the violence aspect, but it moves too slow for her.  I feel differently about this famous trilogy and book series.  This cult classic was due for something new on the book market, so when I saw the Annotated Godfather, I was sold before I even opened it.  I am, therefore, admitting my immediate bias.

This book is the softcover version and it basically is the shooting script with page after page of full-color photos from the original film.  Most pages also include behind the scenes trivia and information.  Many of the images are from the film, but there are also plenty of behind the scenes candid images featuring the various actors on the Godfather.  All 263 pages are chock-full of fantastic fanboy information.

If you're a fan of the Godfather, this book is for you.  Looking for a present for that guy that is difficult to shop for?  This is it. 

How to Buy: or the Black Dog and Leventhal Site