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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Overhaulin DVD Review

Overhaulin DVD Review

Synopsis: This set is exclusive to the Discovery Channel Store.
Can a group of custom car builders working with lightning speed on a limited budget transform a guy's clunker into a hot custom car without him knowing it? We've all seen them. They sit in the driveway or front yard for years or they're driven in complete embarrassment. We're referring to the all-American eyesore -the clunker. Using stealth and cooperation from friends and/or family to separate the car from the owner, Overhaulin' takes these clunkers to a nearby garage and gives them a complete, ultra high-speed custom makeover. Watch the transformation from faded out heap to custom car. Our team of builders, lead by hot rod automobile designer Chip Foose, will lead the way. After finding out the owner's dream for his beater, the team kicks it into gear - sanding, stripping, painting, grinding - because they've only got a few days and a limited budget to get the job done. It's a bumper-to-bumper journey to the final transformation into a cool set of wheels. And along the way, our hosts will have to keep the owner guessing as to where his car is while the work is getting done. Will these automobile wizards be able to pull it all off in a few short days and on a tight budget? And how will the owner react to his new ride?

Wiley & the Road Runner: John the Joker, as his friends call him, has had a string of bad luck with his love for Mopars. His first Road Runner he totaled, the second he had to sell once they had children, and "his 3rd baby", a 69 Road Runner convertible, needs a new engine.

Illegal Fowl: The Overhaulin team steals a 1965 Ford Thunderbird from a Deputy Sheriff, with the help of his wife and his eight teenage children. The lawman is put to the test by the team's pranks, including a very tense moment at the junkyard with a car crusher.U.S.

Navy Steal: John is an ex-Navy Seal who regards his 1950 Ford truck as the soul of his late best friend, Mitch. His family, his career, and of course, money,always prevented him from working on the truck. His wife thinks it's time to get the gift he deserves. That 70's: Van Back in 1976, he bought his van brand new and adored it. Today, he focuses on family and friends and has put the van aside. He is always quick to help family and friends, so his daughter thinks it's about time that they did something special for him.

Hot Head: Mark's best childhood memories were riding around in his dad's '72 Cutlass. Now Mark is struggling to take care of his family and cannot afford to fix it up enough to take it out of the garage.

Overlord: The Overhaulin' team has pulled off the ultimate prank: stealing Chip Foose's beloved '56 truck right out from under his nose and overhauled it over the course of four months! A new side of Chip is revealed as the prankster gets pranked!

Junk in the Trunk: Marilyn thinks that her Cadillac, named "Bessie," is part of the family, but is treated like a storage unit for holiday decorations because it's in desperate need of repair. Can the Overhaulin' team bring Bessie the Cadillac back to life?

Roadies Stole My Vette!: The 1957 Corvette has been in Carl's family for 46 years. But Carl and his wife are too busy with their family and business. Meanwhile, the Corvette sits in the garage, waiting for the time and money that will one day restore it to its original "cool."

Juvenille Delinquent: Tanner and his dad, Wade, love cars. Wade wants to fix up his 1967 Chevy Chevelle, but he doesn't have time. To thank him for being such a great dad, Tanner becomes the youngest "accomplice" ever on the show as he prepares to overhaul his father. The Short Yellow Bus: John Force is the most prolific champion in drag racing history. He wants to get his little yellow bus overhauled so he can go to schools to shuttle young students to events and live his dream of transporting his racing crew and family in a bus.

Review: This show was basically like a surprise extreme makeover for antique or hot rod cars.   It was kind of a funny concept, a friend or family member nominates you without your knowlege and they obtain your car through trickery.  I know that I saw one episode where a guy donated it to a car museum for an exhibit and they pretended that it has been stolen, only to give it to him completely overhauled and re-done at the end of the episode.

Overhaulin' ran on the TLC network from 2005-2009.  This new DVD release is a compilation of some of the best episodes from seasons 3 and 4.  Its by no means a complete season, but it is full of tons of car overhaulin' goodness.  If you're into cars at all, then this is your show.  Especially if you have a passion for overhauling vintage vehicles.

You can only buy this one online in the Discovery Store, so be sure to click through our link at the top of the page!

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars